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Visions & Voices: Lisa Dwan: Beckett Trilogy: Additional Resources

Resources at your fingertips

At your fingertips

Lisa Dwan


See the article "A bite at Beckett" by Lisa Dwan, The Guardian, May 9, 2013, G 2 in the database  ProQuest


Samuel Beckett, the paywright




Please look up Samuel Beckett biography and bibliography in the subscription database Literature Resource Center .

Or browse online the following books online

Samuel Beckett  by Erik Tonning, Matthew Feldman and Matthijs Engelberts, Rodopi, 2010

 Beckett Cannon by Ruby Cohn, U. of Michigan P, 2005


Walter Asmus, the director


See the article "The Beckett way: Walter Asmus," Economist (Online), January 29,  2014 in the database ProQuest