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Dance Documentary Films in the Leavey Library: New Additions To the Collection

New Additions to the Collection

Alive and Kicking
"Explores the dynamic world and cathartic power of swing dance, from its historic origins to its impact on today. Boiled down to its core, swing dancing is about the pursuit of happiness. The film follows several swing dancers as they find joy through dance."

"Follows the steps of two young flamenco dancers, Karime Amaya and 5-year-old Juanito Manzano, creating an intimate portrait of how flamenco's legacy is kept alive within Barcelona's tight-knit Gypsy community."

Dance With Maria
"Maria Fux is an elderly Argentinian dancer. In her Buenos Aires studio, she welcomes dancers from all walks of life, including women and men with physical and mental impairments, and arranges integrated dance groups. Throughout the documentary we meet many of Maria's students. Diana, who is diagnosed with polio, overcomes her own limits through dancing and reclaims her femininity. Marcos and Macarena, two teenagers with down syndrome, meet at Maria's studio and learn to express themselves in new ways. After years of developing and cultivating her teaching style which is based on the perception of inner rhythms and the symbiosis with music, Maria Fux is now dealing with one last student, possibly the most difficult one: herself. At the age of 90, Maria fights her ultimate battle against the limits of her own body."

German Lineage in Modern Dance: Solos by Wigman, Hoyer, Holm, Nikolais, Louis
"In this performance documentary dancer/choreographer Betsy Fisher performs solos from pieces by the originators of the German Expression Dance (Ausdruckstanz) and American exponents of the movement, which began in Germany prior to World War I. Fisher also provides narration describing the creation and the historical context of each work."

Gus: An American Icon
"An honest look at the life of Gus Giordano, the founding father of jazz dance and master of choreography. From his early years as the son of immigrants in New York to his most successful moments as the founder of the Jazz Dance World Congress, Gus Giordano's love for dance took him to places he never imagined, where he was to touch the lives of many talented dancers and artists."

Maiko: Dancing Child
"Maiko's destiny was decided before she was born. Her name Maiko means dancing child. Her mother, the driving force behind her career, sold their house and car to send fourteen year old Maiko to the most prestigious dancing schools in Europe. She knew she couldn't return to Japan as a failure. Today Maiko is 32 on top of her career as a prima ballerina at the Norwegian National Ballet."

Mr. Gaga: A  True Story of Love and Dance
"Enter the world of Ohad Naharin and the Batsheva Dance Company. A man with an extraordinary vision, Naharin is regarded as one of the most important choreographers in the world today. He is known for developing 'Gaga'--a movement language that resists labels, highlights somatic experience, emphasizes improvisation, and pushes dancers to use their body in ways that are ignored or overlooked by other dance techniques. ... Mr. Gaga explores how Naharin's movement has not only shaped contemporary Israeli dance, but has redefined the modern dance world at large ... viewers meet Naharin at a critical turning point in his personal life; filmed over eight years, it mixes intimate rehearsal footage with previously unseen archive ... dance sequences."

New York City Ballet in Paris
"The exceptional production, performed in Paris after eight years of absence, revolves around three great French composers who inspired NYCB founder George Balanchine: Charles Gounod, Maurice Ravel and Georges Bizet."

"On Christmas Eve, after a day of festivities, a young girl on the verge of growing up sleeps and has a dream in which toys, snowflakes, mice and flowers all come to life."

Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan
"...Offers an intimate portrait of prima ballerina Wendy Whelan as she prepares to leave New York City Ballet after a record-breaking three decades with the company...We watch Whelan brave the surgery that she hopes will enable her comeback to NYCB and we watch her begin to the explore the world of contemporary dance, as she steps outside the traditionally patriarchal world of ballet to create Restless Creature, a collection of four contemporary vignettes forged in collaboration with four young choreographers."

A Woman Who...Selected Works of Yvonne Rainer
"This 2-DVD collection features five early films, a historically important dance and a recent work by media artist and choreographer Yvonne Rainer, and a documentary portrait by Charles Atlas. The collection includes a booklet featuring writings on the artist's work by Bill Horrigan, Carrie Lambert and Sally Banes, as well as a detailed biography, bibliography and videography of Yvonne Rainer."

Works: Alive & Kicking
"In this video, Jennifer Muller discusses her background, inspirations, influences, and technique."