GESM 110 - I Too Am American: Theatre and Cultural Literacy: Annotated Bibliography - Humanistic Inquiry Version

Search tips: Primary Sources

Primary sources can take many forms. Some examples:

  • sacred texts
  • oral history, diaries, interviews
  • manuscripts
  • works of art (text, images, video)
  • historical documents

Consult with your instructor if you're not sure what constitutes a primary source for your project. You can also consult this guide on primary sources.

Suggested Databases:

Search tips for Critical Works

Use the advanced version of the Libraries' Search by clicking "Advanced Search" under the search box on the libraries' website ( Use the pull-down menu to choose "Subject terms," then type the title of a work you're interested in. This should give you books and articles about that work.

Suggested Databases:

Search tips - Theoretical/Introductory Reference Works

These works give background or introduction to a topic. The most common kind of this work is an encyclopedia entry, but they can also be books, websites, or articles.

Suggested Databases:

Browsing for Books

Try a starting search for your topic in the main search box on the libraries' home page. Once you have some search results, use the "Material Type" limit on the left-hand side to limit to Books - then click on a title.

Note the call number, or book's location, at the bottom of the page. Try going to this call number in the book stacks of whatever library is indicated, and take a look at the books NEAR that book to discover some other angles on the same topic.