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Showcasing Digital Scholarship at USC: Non-Textual & Born Digital Materials: Intellectual Property, Copyright , and Use

Panel on Intellectual Property, Copyright, and Use Relating to Archival, Non-Textual, and Born-Digital Materials

This Panel discussion provides an introduction to using primary sources, particularly non-textual and archival, for research and publication.  Speakers will address use of sound, still and moving images, as well as essential approaches to using archival collections or born-digital materials.  Attendees will (a) learn the basics of understanding issues related to intellectual property, copyright, and obtaining use permission; and (b) learn who can provide them with specific and further assistance on these topics within the USC Libraries..

This event, co-organized by Danielle Mihram and Ruth Wallach (USC Libraries), will be offered twice,

  • Dates: Wednesday, September 16,  2015:  4:30-6:00 p.m.   or   Thursday, October 1, 2015:  4:30-6:00 p.m.
  • Place: Herklotz Seminar Room (G28, inside the Music Library) - Doheny Memorial Library.

and is funded through a grant from the Center for Excellence in Research at USC.

Event Description and Panelists



Judy Davis, Senior Law Librarian, Head of Access Services, and Adjunct Assistant Professor, USC Gould School of Law Library. Judy Davis teaches Legal Research to law students and is co-author of the American Bar Association's book, Internet Legal Research on a Budget (2014).

                         Judy Davis will speak about some of the copyright issues the law school has encountered while implementing its new international online Master of Laws, L.L.M. Program. Although the program is still relatively young, this experience may be helpful to those in other departments who want to make the most of the online courses that the university administration encourages. Judy will also discuss a related and common issue: the use of streaming media for out-of-class use.


Dino Everett, Hugh Hefner Moving Image Archive, School of Cinematic Arts


Matt Gainer, Head of Content & Strategy, USC Digital Library

       Matt Gainer will provide an overview of the many ways in which open access digital collections express rights information, and recommend what to do if rights information is vague or absent.


Stephen Hanson, Head, Cinematic Arts Library. Steve Hanson is the co-author of Lights, Camera, Action: The History of Motion Pictures in the Twentieth Century (Los Angeles: The Los Angeles Time Press, 1990), and co-author of Sourcebook for the Performing Arts (New York: Greenwood Press, 1988).

                        Steve Hanson's presentation is entitled "Copyright is only the Beginning: Issues you haven't thought about in using archival photos and manuscripts."

       To most academics, fair use, open access, and copyright seem to be the paramount issues in using archival manuscripts but that is only the beginning when using images and documents from motion pictures.  There are other rights and permissions to be obtained before using these materials in your book or article and often Hollywood is the least of your problems.


Stacy Williams, Head of the Helen Topping Architecture and Fine Arts Library.

       Have you ever wondered how to cite or use a sculpture, a model, or some other type of non-traditional object in your academic work?  Stacy Williams will go over some practical guidelines for how to cite and use unconventional objects in your scholarly work and also discuss implications of fair use in the academic environment.


Books at USC:

Clearance & Copyright: Everything the independent film-maker needs to know, by Michael C. Donaldson.  Los Angeles: Silman-James Press, c2003. 2nd ed., rev., updated & expanded.

E-Books at USC:

Library Research Guides:

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