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Impact Factors and Citation Analysis: Altmetrics

Adapted from Impact Factors and Citation Analysis, Robert W. Woodruff Library, Emory University; used by permission.


Having your work formally cited by other researchers is a very slow process.  Altmetrics  (number of tweets, blog posts, likes, bookmarks, etc. in social media) are faster and wider-ranging measures of how peopleboth other researchers and the general publicare interested in your work. 

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ImpactStory is a free tool that brings together a diverse assortment of altmetrics and traditional citation metrics for your research outputs, including both journal articles and datasets. Run a report on a particular journal article or dataset using its DOI or PubMed ID, or import your entire bibliography of articles/datasets using your ORCID (Open Researcher and Contributor ID) or a BibTeX file exported from Google Scholar

Other similar altmetrics tools include Altmetric Explore and PlumX

Other altmetric tools

In Faculty of 1000 Prime, expert scientists and clinical researchers hand-pick interesting articles, rate them, and comment on their importance. 

Some Open Access Journals, such as PLoS ONE, allow reader comments and provide a variety of article-level metrics including number of views, downloads, and social media mentions.