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HPC-NML Bioinformatics Computing Resource

Access HPC-NML

The HPC-NML custom condo in CARC is dedicated to NGS data analysis with Partek Flow. 

  • If you have less than 500GB of data,
    • You do not need to apply for an CARC account to use Partek Flow
    • Simply follow the instructions on Partek Flow page to get started.
  • If you have more than 500GB of data,
    • A CARC account is needed to host your data and analysis results. 
    • The lab PI (or a long-term PhD-level lab member) should apply for an CARC account with 5-10TB storage. 
      • Check CARC account page for PI eligibility.
      • You must have a USC NetID to apply for a CARC account. 
      • CHLA users who do not have accounts should first apply for an iVIP account.
    • If you are eligible for an CARC account, again, follow the instructions on Partek Flow page to get started.  Further instructions for applying and setting up a CARC account for Partek Flow use will be sent to you once you submitted the NGS data analysis request form.