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Interprofessional Education (IPE): Multimedia Toolkit

Guide for the Interprofessional Education (IPE) Committee at USC. Includes meeting minutes, information, and research on IPE.


This Interprofessional Development Multimedia Toolkit, created by The Centre for Interprofessional Education, University of Toronto, is aimed at educating health care providers about interprofessional care. Each tool offers a substantial conversational and visual aid to sprearhead an educational discussion. Click on each video clip and the clip will open in a pop-up window and begin playing.

DVD 1: Student Experiences in Interprofessional Education

Presents scenes with health professional students testing elements of collaboration in their workplace.

DVD and CD 2: Collaboration in Primary care: A Professional Development Multimedia Toolkit

Provides video clips, PowerPoint presentations and handouts illustrating why and how interprofessional collaboration can enhance patient and provider satisfaction.

Module 1: Professional and Collaborator Roles

Module 2: Essential Elements of Collaboration

Module 3: Barriers to and Creating Solutions for Practicing Interprofessional Care

Clip 1: Who Is This? (2:38 min.)  

Clip 2.a: Should I Refer? (1 min.)  

Clip 2.b: No Referral Yet (30 sec.)  

Clip 2.c: I Can Help (46 sec.)  

Clip 2.d: Missed Opportunity (46 sec.)  

Clip 3.a: Here's My Pager (1:41 min.)  

Clip 3.b: One Less Thing (1:17 min.)  

Clip 4: Counselling (2 min.)

DVD 3: Interprofessional education and collaboration in primary care

DVD 4: Carole Laurin: Reflections on primary care

Presents a stroke survivor's sincere account of her experiences with the health care system. Ms. Laurin's 14-minute speech, followed by an interview, offers realistic suggestions for overcoming barriers in communication and improving collaboration between health care providers. 

DVD 5: Don't these people talk to each other?

Presents a documentary that links the evidence for interprofessional care, the need for it from the patients' perspectives and the important link with interprofessional education. 

DVD 6: Facilitating interprofessional collaboration with students