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Visions and Voices: Cyberpunk Past and Future: Home

This guide was compiled to accompany the Visions and Voices program Cyberpunk Past and Future, April 24, 2015.


This guide was compiled for limited use and will not be updated. If you are maintaining a list or directory, please do not link to it. It will disappear. It is selective and idiosyncratic. In the spirit of cyberpunk, most of the resources identified here come from sources found readily on the Web. These resources often reflect community efforts. It seems antithetical to provide a list of books and publications produced by academics reflecting on the meaning of cyberpunk, but it's easy to find yourself using the Do-It-Yourself tab.

Since its beginnings, cyberpunk has moved from a subgenre of science fiction into the mainstream of popular culture. Cyberpunk is characterized by the intersection of high technology with the more base aspects of the human condition. Cyberpunk works are often set in distopian hypercities in the not too distant future. A common theme is the dehumanization caused by the rapid uptake of technology including artificial intelligence, wearable/implantable technologies, biotechnology and cloning. The protagonists are often hackers, technologists, journalists, or criminals. Early works were heavily influenced by hacker culture and crime novels like those of Dashiell Hammet.

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