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IR 210, International Relations: Introductory Analysis

This course guide provides guidance on how to complete Analytical Exercise #1 in Dr. Lamy's IR 210 class.

Question 5:

Podcasts, News Programs and other media: You do not have much time for television or listening to the radio, but what would you watch or listen to if you wanted to know about the following:

  • Efforts to address global poverty
  • Grotian views on climate change
  • Kantian views on humanitarian intervention

Intended Learning Outcomes

An important way to understand international affairs is from the perspective of how mass media influences people's perceptions about global issues and events and how explicit and implicit biases within the media shape coverage in particular ways. Examining research problems framed in relation to specific theoretical constructs is intended to help you understand the lens through which particular media sources report about big topics in international affairs.

Research Approach

See Question #3. Go to the International News tab for links to databases and online resources you can search. Keep in mind, though, that you will have to search sources based on what it means to have a Grotian or Kantian view--philosophical assumptions are rarely stated explicitly in news programs and other media sources! Refer to your course readings for terms and concepts to use when you conduct your search that reflect how these perspectives describe actions by people, nation-states, or non-governmental organizations.