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IR 210, International Relations: Introductory Analysis

This course guide provides guidance on how to complete Analytical Exercise #1 in Dr. Lamy's IR 210 class.

Question 3:

Major newspapers or popular magazines you might read to keep informed about:

  • The foreign policy goals of the Trump administration
  • The Chinese "belt and road" projects
  • The impact of climate change on global security
  • Russian global reach

Provide an example of the article that proves your claim. A different source for each of the the issues listed above.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Unless you are studying a specific historical event or issue, topics in international affairs usually require analyzing recently published sources. While scholarly journals provide in-depth analysis of a topic, the articles are not published frequently because of the time it takes to review papers submitted for publication [i.e., the act of "peer reviewed"] and the subsequent editing and resubmission process. Therefore, the only way to obtain current information about an on-going global affairs issue is to review popular news magazine or newspaper articles.

Research Approach

Go to the International Relations Research Guide and click on the tab for "International News" to locate databases you can search for newspapers that cover these topics. For searching news magazines, the ProQuest Multiple database is best.

Here are a couple of databases that access popular magazines and newspapers:

  • Access World News [click on the region or country to see newspapers you could search]
  • Pro Quest Multiple Databases [click on "advanced search" and enter terms related to your topic; note records are arranged to the left by type of source]

HINT:  If you are fluent in more than one language, consider applying those skills to searching for articles in languages other than English.