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Demand Driven Acquisitions @ USC: New in 2014-2015

Demand-driven acquisitions provides access to thousands of eBook titles that the Libraries pays for only upon user access.


In Fall 2014 we started manually adding titles to the DDA pool

  • IDD added 14 titles (Feb. 2015-May 2015)
  • Beth added 7 titles (November 2014-March 2015)
  • 5 of these titles have been purchased; 9 have had 1-2 STLs; 4 have been browsed w/out triggering a loan; 3 have had no usage
  • 5 were not in our DDA pool due to price (over $150); 9 were not in the pool due to publication date (pre-2011); the rest were not included due to the publisher (we restricted certain publishers from our DDA pool)

Expanding the size of the DDA pool by 63% (15,546/24,708) in May 2015

  • 5,807 Slip titles will be added that we did not purchased (2010-2013) for these funds: 
    • LVY, EARTH, NASC, PSYC, GERO (cap of $200)
    • MUSIC (cap of $250)
  • 9,739 titles will be added that were published between 2005-2010

Adding ebrary titles to our DDA program (in May 2015). As of July 31 there are 2,783 titles in our ebrary DDA pool.