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African-American Documentary Films on DVD in the Leavey Library: Politics


Fear of a Black Republican
"Starting in his hometown of Trenton, N. J., filmmaker Kevin J. Williams journeys over four years and two presidential elections to find out if the two-party political system is failing his city and the country. In taking a self-critical look at his own Republican Party and speaking with both Democrats and Republicans, Williams focuses his camera on the GOP's efforts in urban areas versus the suburbs, the Democratic Party's success in retaining the African-American vote and what it means to be a 'Black Republican'." -- Container.

Harlem Black Hope
"International filmmaker Philippe Couture imbeds himself in a Harlem neighborhood. Taking a room in an inexpensive transient hotel, he walks the neighborhood making friends with street people, the folks in the local barber shop, and the local bodega. He meets and befriends a cross section of Harlem in his favorite new bar and at the local Baptist church. Why? He wants to capture the feelings of the people as they anticipate the election of Barak Obama."

The Issue of Mr. O'Dell
"The Issue of Mr. O'Dell examines the lifelong work of a pioneering civil rights organizer Jack O'Dell, who was a close colleague and advisor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the years before the March on Washington. But after President John F. Kennedy named him the number five Communist in America, O'Dell was eventually forced out of King's organization."

John Lewis: Get In the Way
"Follow the courageous journey of John Lewis, a civil rights hero, congressional leader, and human rights champion whose unwavering fight for justice spans the past 50 years. The son of sharecroppers, Lewis grew up in the segregated South and rose from Alabama's Black Belt to the corridors of power on Capitol Hill. His humble origins have forever linked him to those whose voices often go unheard."

Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind
"Uses a wealth of archival film, photographs and documents to uncover the story of this Jamaican immigrant who between 1916 and 1921 built the largest black mass movement in world history. Also features interviews with people who witnessed the Garvey movement first hand."

The Nine Lives of Marion Barry
"Many people remember Marion Barry as the philandering, drug-addled mayor of the nation's capital. He's the poster boy for corruption, a pariah. Yet to others, Marion Barry is a folk hero who has dominated Washington, D.C. city politics for over 40 years. Today, Barry is once again in the political limelight. Who is Marion Barry, really? A hero? A scoundrel?"