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African-American Documentary Films on DVD in the Leavey Library: Armed Forces

Armed Forces

For Love of Liberty: The Story of America's Black Patriots
"Gain an unprecedented look at the experiences and accomplishments of African Americans in the military, and learn why such a group of heroic men and women would fight for the freedom of others that they themselves weren't able to enjoy. Hosted by Halle Berry with an introduction by Colin Powell, and features the voices of Morgan Freeman, Bill Cosby, Danny Glover, John Travolta, and many more."

Inside Buffalo
"The 92nd Buffalo Division was an all African-American segregated combat unit that fought with outstanding heroism in Italy during the Second World War. The 'Buffalo Soldiers' were men who valiantly fought two wars at the same time: one against the Nazis, the other against racial discrimination. Those who survived found that their contributions went unnoticed when they returned to the United States. Featured are little-known aspects of the story, plus an appearance by President Barack Obama."

Sweet Georgia Brown: Impact, Scarifice, and Will
"This documentary examines the racial and gender policies that defined the status of African-American women in the military during World War II. Interviews and primary sources reveal the unique experience of being an African-American woman in the military during this period. The story of these inspiring women, from the struggles they faced to the triumphs they accomplished, is one rarely discussed in American history, but one which should not be overlooked."