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African-American Documentary Films on DVD in the Leavey Library: Race Identity

Race Identity

Are We Different? Young African Americans Talk About Cultural Differences and Race in America
"African-Americans (mostly college students) from around the country discuss issues of race, racism, and race relations. The discussion ranges from whether stylistic differences between whites and blacks are superficial or profound, and the causes and nature of anger and frustration in the black community. They also question why "blackness" is suddenly so fashionable, and talk about black culture with its special speech patterns and gestures, and black spirituality and energy. Contains a short excerpt of an audio interview with Ice-T from Fresh Aire, hosted by Terry Gross."

Black Like Who?
"Filmmaker Debbi Reynolds explores her racial identity as a black who grew up in a white neighborhood while learning about the experiences and feelings of her parents and new black friends in college."

One Drop
"Explores the recurring and divisive issue in African American communities of skin color. The film inter-cuts intimate interviews with darker skinned African Americans, lighter skinned African Americans and inter-racial children of black and white parents. It investigates the sensitive topic of color consciousness within the African American community."