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Pacific Rim Archive: Tokyo war crimes trial

Provides access to archival collections relating to Westerners' involvement in East Asia between the 1840s and 1940s.

International Military Tribunal for the Far East

The Tokyo war crimes trial (IMTFE), held from May 1946 to November 1948, was the East Asian equivalent of the Nuremberg trial in Europe.Twenty-eight Japanese civilian and military leaders were charged with war crimes for actions taken between 1928 and September 1945. The testimony from 419 in-person witnesses plus affidavits and depositions from 779 others detail virtually all of the major political and military events involving the expansion of the Japanese Empire during that period and constitute a valuable English language primary resource for students of the period. While the USC Libraries has a reprint copy of the full proceedings, its 52,000 pages are, in many ways, difficult to approach. The East Asian Library also owns one of the few (nearly) complete original transcripts of the trial proceedings and has begun to selectively digitize portions of the testimony for the Digital Library.

Files from the Trial in the Digital Library


Books on the Trial