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Bloomberg: Commonly Used Mnemonics

Tips and resources to support the use of Bloomberg terminals at USC

Using Mnemonics

TO FIND MNEMONICS QUICKLY type in the name or phrase, over the word located in the upper left side of a screen.

Bloomberg will try to find a word, pharase or shortcut for you. Typically you will get a list of options. e.g.

FA -Financial Analysis to go to the Ford Finanical Analysis page, type:  F <EQUITY> FA <GO>

CN - Company News - to find news on Ford type:  F<EQUITY> CN <GO>

Beta - to find the Beta for Ford, type F <EQUITY> BETA <GO>   This command string will default to Ford relative to the S&P 500  Index (SPX is the menomic); This can be changed to any index (e.g. Dow, MSCI, etc.)

EV - Enterprise Value

Corporate Bond Ratings-  type in ticker symbol for the company you are researching and press  the  <CORP> key, then type CRPR  <GO>. Bonds are listed by Bloomberg composite ratings. To see Moody's, S&P and Fitch ratings (if available), click on individual bond issues and choose DES from the menu. You can find historical bond ratings for particular issues.



Bloomberg Cheat Sheets & Mnemonics