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Mergers Acquistions and Valuation

USC Databases for Mergers & Acquistions

PitchBook - database

Search for recent information and data on venture capital and private equity deals, funds, debt , service provider’s investors/buyers P/E and VC activities; company valuation and other company information. This database is read-only (no downloads). Pitchbook i s limited to Marshall students, faculty and staff and must have a MyMarshall account. For account instructions, please login to MyMarshall, and click the link for PitchBook.


USC Databases for article searches

Search article databases for information/news on M&A activity.  Use Thesaurus tools to look up terms (Mergers & Acquisitions), or search for companies with terms like Merged, Merger, acquired, and subject as M&A (use Thesaurus if possible). 

Financial Databases at USC

This is a list of the key business databases at USC.  Another list with the WRDS datasets broken out can be found here.

Books & eBooks

Valuation Related Feeds & Blogs

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Other Valuation Resources