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Professional Practice in Architecture: Standards for Building and Construction

This guide identifies select sources on professional practice in architecture, including standards, exams, and project management.

Select Sources

This list is very selective.  For additional resources, please consult the USC Libraries catalog, HOMER.  Additional materials may also be located in the Science and Engineering Library, and are listed in HOMER.  Please note that materials from the circulation desk can only be used with a USC library card, and must be consulted in the library.  Reference books cannot be checked out and must remain in the library.

De Chiara, Joseph.  Time-Saver Standards for Building Types.  McGraw-Hill, 2001.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH2760.D42 2001.

De Chiara, Joseph.  Time-Saver Standards for Housing and Residential Development.  McGraw-Hill, 1995.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, NA9051.T55 1995.

De Chiara, Joseph.  Time-Saver Standards for Interior Design and Space Planning.  McGraw Hill, 2001.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, NK2110.T48 2001.

De Chiara, Joseph.  Time-Saver Standards for Site Planning. McGraw-Hill, 1984.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, NA2540.5.D4 1984.

Dines, Nicholas.  Time-Saver Standards: Site Construction Details Manual.  McGraw-Hill, 1999.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, NA2540.5.D56 1999x.

Garrison, Elena.  The Graphic Standards Guide to Architectural Finishes: Using Masterspec to Evaluate, Select, and Specify Materials.  Wiley, 2002.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH2521.G69 2002.

Harris, Charles.  Time-Saver Standards for Landscape Architecture.  McGraw-Hill 1998.  Location: AFA Circualtion Desk, SB475.9.S72T55 1998.  The 2002 edition is on a CD.  The disk is located at the AFA Circulation Desk, no.539.

McGowan, Maryrose.  Interior Graphic Standards.  Wiley, 2003.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH2031.M34 2003.

Mahoney, William.  Means Graphic Construction Standards.  R. S. Means Co, 1985.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH435.M428 1986.

Pressman, Andy.  Architectural Graphic Standards.  WIley, 2007.  Location:  AFA Circulation Desk, TH2031.A84 2007.

Steffy, Gary.  Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Lighting.  McGraw Hill, 2000.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TK4188.S753 2000.

U.S. Green Building Council. Commercial Interiors: Reference Guide.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, NA2542.36.U84 2006.

U.S. Green Building Council.  Core & Shell Development: Reference Guide.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, NA2542.36.U84 2006b.

U.S. Green Building Council. Existing Buildings: Reference Guide.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH880.U84 2006.

U.S. Green Building Council. New Construction Reference Guide.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH6021.L44 2006.

Watson, Donald.  Time-Saver Standards for Architectural Design.  McGraw-Hill, 2005.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH151.T55 2005.  Also available as an e-book.

Watson, Donald.  Time-Saver Standards for Urban Design.  McGraw-Hill, 2003.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, HT166.T47 2003.

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