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Professional Practice in Architecture: Guides to Design and Construction

This guide identifies select sources on professional practice in architecture, including standards, exams, and project management.

Select Sources

This list is very selective.  For additional resources, please consult the USC Libraries catalog, HOMER.  Additional materials may also be located in the Science and Engineering Library, and are listed in HOMER.  Please note that materials from the circulation desk can only be used with a USC library card, and must be consulted in the library.  Reference books cannot be checked out and must remain in the library.

Allen, Edward.  Fundamentals of Building Construction: Materials and Methods.  Wiley, 2009.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH145.A417 2009.

Ambrose, James.  Building Structures.  Wiley, 2012.  Location: AFA Stacks, TA658.A49 2012.

Ambrose, James.  Building Construction and Design.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH145.A58 1992.

Ballast, David.  Architect's Handbook of Construction Detailing.  WIley, 2009.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH2031.B35 2009.

Calkins, Meg.  The Sustainable Sites Handbook:A Complete Guide to the Principles, Strategies, and Practices for Sustainable Landscapes.  Wiley, 2012.  Location: AFA Stacks, QH541.15.L35C35 2012.

Ching, Frank.  Architectural Graphics.  Wiley, 2003.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, NA2700.C46 2003.

Ching, Frank.  Building Construction Illustrated.  Wiley, 2008.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH146.C52 2008.

Eastman, Charles.  BIM Handbook: A Guide to Building Information Modeling for Owners, Managers, Designers, Engineers and Contractors.  Wiley, 2011.  Location: AFA Stacks, TH437.B53 2011.

Montoya, Michael.  Green Building Fundamentals: Ractical Guide to Understanding and Applying Fundamental Sustainable.....Prentice Hall, 2011.  Location: AFA Circulation Desk, TH880.M66 2011.

Preiser, Wolfgang. Universal Design Handbook.  McGraw Hill, 2011.  Location: AFA Reference, NA2545.A1U55 2011.

Shaeffer, R. E.  Elementary Structures for Architects and Builders.  Prentice Hall, 2002.  Location: AFA Reference, TA645.S479 2002.

Walker, Theodore.  Site Design and Construction Detailing.  Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1992.  Location: AFA Circulation, TH375.W35 1992.

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