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Landscape Architecture: Guides to Plants

This is a guide to basic sources in researching landscape architecture, available in the USC Libraries.

Select Sources

This is a selective list of published guides on plants, held by the Architecture and Fine Arts Library.  There are many other published materials on plants, which may be located through the USC HOMER catalog.

Armitage, A. M.  Armitage's Native Plants for North American Gardens.  Timber Press, 2006.  AFA Reference, call number SB439.26.N7A76 2006.

Brickell, Christopher, ed.  The American Horticultural Society A-Z Encyclopedia of Garden Plants.  DK Pub., 2004.  AFA Reference, call number SB403.2.A45 2004.

Brickell, Christopher, ed.  The American Horticultural Society Encyclopedia of Gardening.  DK Pub., 2003.  AFA Reference, call number SB450.95.A45 203x.

Bridwell, Ferrell M.  Landscape Plants: Their Identification, Culture and Use.  2nd ed.  Thomas Learning, 2003.  AFA Reference, call number SB435.B72 2003.

FAyaz, Ahmed.  Encyclopedia of Tropical Plants: Identification and Cultivation of Over 3,000 Tropical Plants.  Firefly Books, 2011.  AFA Reference, call number QK474.5.F39 2010.

Perry, Bob.  Landscape Plants for California Gardens: An Illustrated Reference of Plants for California Landscapes.  Land Design Pub., 2010.  AFA Reference, call number SB475.83.P47 2010.

Speichert, C. Greg.  Encyclopedia of Water Garden Plants.  Timber Press, 2004. AFA Reference, call number SB423.S62 2004.

Sunset Western Landscaping Book.  Sunset Books, 2006.  AFA Reference, call number SB472.32.U6S85 2006.

Sunset Western Garden Book.  Sunset Books, 2012.  AFA Reference, call number SB453.2.W4S9 2012.

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