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Hebrew Langague Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): New Additions To the Collection

New Additions to the Collection

Moon in the 12th House
"Lenny stayed at her childhood home to take care of her debilitated father while her sister Mira left for a new life in Tel Aviv. Now reunited, they must come to terms with the circumstances that tore them apart. Love and affection binds these sisters and leads them toward fragile redemption."

One Week and a Day
"As Eyal finishes the traditional Jewish week of mourning for his late son, his wife Vicky urges him to return to their routine. But just because the shiva has ended doesn't mean it's life as usual. Each coping in their own way, Eyal and Vicky both attempt to regain a sense of control over their future, as they struggle to discover that there are still things in life worth living for.".

People That Are Not Me
“Joy, a young woman living in Tel Aviv, has a love-hate relationship with the city’s casual sex scene. As it stands, she lives in the same neighborhood as her ex, making it nearly impossible for her to move on. And when her new hook-up buddy tells her flatly not to fall in love with him, she’s stuck suspended, just out of reach of something meaningful. This is a story about young people who yearn for intimacy but are scared to get too close."

"Seventeen year old Asher has always been the impulsive troublemaker, from primary school, all through high school. It's hard for him to concentrate in class, as he is compelled by a lot of rage and violence, yet he is also endowed with a considerable amount of charm and street wisdom. While his strict father sees him as a natural successor to the family's scaffolding business, Asher finds a different masculine role model in his literature teacher Rami and forges a special bond with him."

Working Woman
"Orna is the mother of three children whose husband is struggling to open a restaurant. To help support her family, Orna lands a job with a former army superior who is now a successful real estate developer. While Orna tries to balance work and her home life, she experiences escalating sexual harassment from her boss. A pattern of predatory behavior ultimately brings her career and marital relationship to the brink."