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Hebrew Langague Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): New Additions To the Collection

New Additions to the Collection

Baba Joon
"Yitzhak runs the turkey farm his father built after they emigrated from Iran to Israel. Yitzhak hopes his thirteen-year-old son, Moti, will continue the proud family tradition, but his passion lies in fixing up cars. Yitzhak takes Moti's refusal to take over the farm as a personal rejection, and the result sets off a chain of events that causes familial turmoil."

"17-year-old Naama spends most of her free time drinking and partying in the hopes of escaping from her parents' constant bickering, worsened by the recent disappearance of her AWOL soldier sister. When a free-spirited new girl shows up at school, Naama falls deeply in love for the first time and the intensity of the experience at once confuses her and gives her life new meaning."

Hora 79
"A popular dance troupe disbanded in the wake of a traumatic event. Now, 33 years later, a celebrated dance festival calls for a reunion of the legendary troupe. The encounter brims with nostalgia, tension and guilt when the man who was responsible for the tragedy shows up. Will the dancers be able to overcome the dark ghosts of the past and old conflicts, or will this reunion just lead to more heartache?"

A Place in Heaven
"An ancient ruling in Jewish law that says a person can buy another person's spot in Heaven comes to life in this powerful tale of war, peace and a son's devotion to his father. An Israeli captain, who earns a place in Paradise but doesn't believe in it, sells his spot to a religious cook in exchange for a delicious meal. Years later, as the captain lies dying, his son goes on an epic quest to buy back his father's spot in paradise."

"After dying for 40 minutes, a scholar is revived. After he comes back to life, suddenly feeling strange, he suspects God is testing him."

Wedding Doll
"The bittersweet and gently moving story follows a young impulsive woman, Hagit, who dreams of love, marriage and freedom from the strict guidance of her mother, an overprotective divorcee. Hagit strikes up a relationship with her boss' son at the local factory where she works. While hiding the blossoming romance from her mother, news arrives of the factory shutting down, and if forces Hagit's romantic fantasy and reality to collide."

White Panther
"This is the story of young Russian immigrant Alex, struggling to find his place and torn between two worlds, racist ideology and the redemption of sports. At first he falls in with a group of self-hating skinheads led by his older brother, but he finds a new outlet for his anger in boxing with a kind teacher and his ravishing daughter. Now Alex is torn between worlds and finding out the truth about the two men he admires."