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Hebrew Langague Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles O-R

Titles 0-R

Off White Lies
"After years of living apart from her dad, Libby, an introverted yet sharp-witted teenager, is sent to live with him is Israel. Her arrival coincides with the outbreak of the second Lebanon war. Libby quickly discovers that her dad, Shaul, is an infantile eccentric, and that he is "in-between apartments" (in other words, homeless). Shaul comes up with a creative plan to put a roof over their heads. They pose as refugees from the bombarded northern region of Israel, and are taken in by a well-off family in Jerusalem. Finally in a "normal" household, Shaul and Libby begin to build their father-daughter relationship, but their false identities can't last forever, especially as Libby unleashes teenage fury at the lies permeating her life; those she must tell now, and those she's been fed since childhood."

One Week and a Day
"As Eyal finishes the traditional Jewish week of mourning for his late son, his wife Vicky urges him to return to their routine. But just because the shiva has ended doesn't mean it's life as usual. Each coping in their own way, Eyal and Vicky both attempt to regain a sense of control over their future, as they struggle to discover that there are still things in life worth living for.".

Out of Sight
Ya'ara, an independent, confident, and intelligent blind woman, has just begun her Ph. D in Mathematics at Princeton University ... until her best friend and cousin's suicide. She returns to Israel in shocked disbelief to do a very private investigation."

Over the Ocean = Me-ʻever la-yam
"Set in 1962 and narrated from the perspective of a 10-year old boy whose parents cannot agree whether to move to Canada or remain in Israel, Menachem envisions better oppurtunities in Canada while Rosa perceives the family as too deeply rooted in Israel to move abroad."

People That Are Not Me
“Joy, a young woman living in Tel Aviv, has a love-hate relationship with the city’s casual sex scene. As it stands, she lives in the same neighborhood as her ex, making it nearly impossible for her to move on. And when her new hook-up buddy tells her flatly not to fall in love with him, she’s stuck suspended, just out of reach of something meaningful. This is a story about young people who yearn for intimacy but are scared to get too close."

A Place By the Sea = Maḳom le-yad ha-yam
"Released after serving 3 years in prison, a convict settles in a secluded house by the sea, hoping to rekindle the relationship he was forced to abandon."

A Place in Heaven
"An ancient ruling in Jewish law that says a person can buy another person's spot in Heaven comes to life in this powerful tale of war, peace and a son's devotion to his father. An Israeli captain, who earns a place in Paradise but doesn't believe in it, sells his spot to a religious cook in exchange for a delicious meal. Years later, as the captain lies dying, his son goes on an epic quest to buy back his father's spot in paradise."

Plaot = The Wonders
"Arnav is a graffiti artist and bartender, who lives near the Old City of Jerusalem. Wearing a mask, he paints walls at night and hopes that Vax, his former girlfriend, will come back to him. But when Arnav sees a mysterious stranger forced into an abandoned apartment, he becomes involved with a hard-boiled investigator and the mysterious captive himself."

The Policeman = ha-Shoṭer Azula
"Officer Azulai has a kind nature, letting thieves and petty criminals go free. When his career is threatened, he must prove his usefulness."

"While her workaholic mother is away, twelve-year-old Adar and her stepfather push their role-playing games into dangerous territory. Then she meets Alan, who leads her through a dark journey between childhood and adolescence, reality and fantasy, which will forever change the rules of the game at home."

"Mohammad, his wife and their five children live in a large, isolated house located mid-way between a Palestinian village and an Israeli settlement. Viewed as a strategic lookout point, the house is forcefully taken over by Israeli soldiers, who confine Mohammad and his family to a few downstairs rooms in daytime and a single room at night."

Rabin, the Last Day
"For many Israelis, the assassination of Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 marked a grim turning point for their country. In the words of the commission set up to investigate the murder, 'Israeli society [would] never be the same again. As a democracy, political assassination was not part of our culture.'In the eyes of even more people, the murder ended all hope for the Israeli-Palestinian peace process through the Oslo Accords and altered the course of history. But, as Amos Gitai sets out to prove in his brave and provocative new film, Rabin's assassination was not just the act of one fanatic; it was the culmination of a hate campaign that emanated from the rabbis and public figures of Israel's far right."

Return from India: A Story of Forbidden Love
"The story of a young doctor who accompanies his boss and his wife to India to rescue their dying daughter. The magic of India, the unusual relationship between the boss and his wife, and the wife's persistant advances are too powerful to resist."