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Hebrew Langague Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles M-N

Titles M-N

Marital Games
"A popular wise man-folk healer is anxious to marry off his daughter, but she refuses all his suggested suitors."

Max & Morris
"Max and Morris are best friends and in big losers who owe money to 'The Sleaze' for launching the rock star career of Morris' fiancé. Now their half-baked plan to rob 'The Sleaze' might be ruined by everybody else's schemes - including that of Morris' fiancé to dupe the men in her life!"

"A young actress lands a role as a mental patient in an avant-garde play. To get in character, she enters a psychiatric ward, but the truth she finds there and her fracturing mental state lead to an explosive conflict with her director."

Metallic Blues
"The adventures of two hapless used-car dealers who take a vintage limousine to German market tests their friendship and brings up unexpected emotions about the Jewish past in Germany. This offbeat, funny and touching buddy movie, starring Israel's top comedians Avi Kushner and Moshe Ivgi, is a road trip from hell that should not be missed."

Moon in the 12th House
"Lenny stayed at her childhood home to take care of her debilitated father while her sister Mira left for a new life in Tel Aviv. Now reunited, they must come to terms with the circumstances that tore them apart. Love and affection binds these sisters and leads them toward fragile redemption."

Neḳamah Yehudit = Jewish Vendetta
"A husband develops suspicions that his wife may be cheating on him, which sets in motion a bizarre series of events.

Newland = Erets ḥadashah
"Leaving the devastation of World War II behind them, a little girl and her brother travel from Europe to Israel in search of family, hope, and future. Placed in a refugee camp on their arrival they are confronted by a world of colorful characters whose intrigues both terrify and tantalize them and are forced to face the difficult realities of a new land. Powerfully reflecting the complexities of Israeli society at its birth, Newland is a stunning film that travels a surprising path towards a startling conclusion."

No Longer 17 = Lo bat 17
"This sequel to Noa At 17 follows up the characters and issues of the first movie. The kibbutz where Noa grew up is no longer the pinnacle of idealism and optimism it once was, and Israel has undergone serious changes."

Noa at Seventeen = Noʻah bat 17
"Projects the tension of Israeli society in the 1950s unfolding against the background of ideological changes of the era. Noa, the daughter of a family caught up in this process, is an individualist who challenges the collective ethos of her comrades."

Nymphs in the Mist
"After his girlfriend dumps him, Yaniv sinks into a funk. At the suggestion of his best friend, he decides to make a movie in order to meet some of Tel Aviv's most beautiful women. But he realizes once making the movie how much he misses his ex-girlfriend.