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Hebrew Langague Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles F-G

Titles F-G

A 5 Minute Walk = Hamesh dakot behalicha
"A police detective in Tel Aviv about to arrest a drug dealing pimp, becomes the prime suspect in a sexual harassment case, when two of the pimp's prostitutes file charges against him."

The Farewell Party
"Tackling an extremely sensitive issue in a vibrant, humorous way, this is the story of Yehezkel and his wife Levana. Well into their 70s, they are living contented lives inside a Jerusalem retirement home. But they are shocked when their dear friend Max falls prey to an irreversible illness. Looking to escape a slow, painful death, Max asks Yehezkel for help to end his suffering."

Fill the Void
"After her sister dies in childbirth, a young orthodox Jewish woman's family pressures her to marry her brother-in-law rather than entering into an arranged marriage with a man closer to her age."

The Flying Camel = ha-Gamal ha-meʻofef
"In Tel Aviv a Jewish professor, an Arab garbage collector, and a nun embark on an adventure in pursuit of their uncommon interests. Celebrates the differences that distinguish us and the enduring friendships that emerge when we accept them."

Forever Young
"Based on a true story. Chronicles a deadly desert crash that ends four vibrant young people's lives. Found in the crashed vehicle was a videotape filmed by the group that included astonishing footage of the accident and their final moments alive. The country was left outraged as to how this tragedy happened."

The Fox
"Amitz Dolniker, an Israeli politician who speaks way too much has a heart attack in the middle of his speech. In the ambulance on the way to the hospital the doctor orders him to 'go someplace quiet, rest, and don't make speeches'. He goes to a remote village where they have never heard of him, so he will not be asked to make any speeches. It turns out not only that the villagers have never heard of Dolniker, but they have also never heard of running water, electricity, phones, and most importantly: TV, Radio, and newspapers... so its only a matter of time before Dolniker or the villagers go bananas..."

Givʻat Ḥalfon enah ʻonah
"Comedy about the misadventures of three Israeli army reservists serving in the Sinai Desert on the border of Israel and Egypt."

Green Fields
"A story about the true meaning of flag and family. The so-called Israeli War of Attrition forced Shmuel Braverman to leave Israel and abandon his family. Secure with a new family and business in his new home, the United States, Shmuel returns to Israel to celebrate his son's completion of basic army training. But a tense trip with the whole family in a cramped supply van shakes up Shmuel's easy life and forces everyone to face hard truths,"