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Hebrew Langague Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles B

Titles B

Be-ḳarov, yiḳreh lekha mashehu ṭov = Comrade
"14-year-old Ilan runs away from home to meet Dalia, the sister he has not seen in years. The two happily reunite and develop an unexpected relationship, unusual and a little bit scandalous. Then Dalia leaves for a stint as a cruise ship attendant. Ilan meets Abraham, a middle-aged man who calls himself the 'last true Communist.' Abraham is living in a vacant building and growing crops on the roof. Unfortunately, a security force shows up to clear the building for demolition, threatening Ilan and Abraham's agricultural utopia. Abraham won't let his home go so easily, and he has the guns to prove it. Ilan and Abraham are in a two-man war against capitalism."

Baba Joon
"Yitzhak runs the turkey farm his father built after they emigrated from Iran to Israel. Yitzhak hopes his thirteen-year-old son, Moti, will continue the proud family tradition, but his passion lies in fixing up cars. Yitzhak takes Moti's refusal to take over the farm as a personal rejection, and the result sets off a chain of events that causes familial turmoil."

"The complex relationship between an Israeli Secret Service officer and his teenage Palestinian informant. Shuttling back and forth between conflicting points of view, the film is a raw portrayal of characters torn apart by competing loyalties and impossible moral dilemmas, giving an unparalleled glimpse into the dark and fascinating world of human intelligence."

Big Dig = Teʻalat Blaʼumilkh
"Blaumilch is a mental patient that escapes and steals a pneumatic drill and tears up a midtown Tel Aviv plaza."

Big shot$
"Four men whose combined intellect doesn't reach the triple digits successfully steal a safe full of foreign currency from a police station. Now can these bumblers keep greed and bad decisions from bringing their crime to light?"

Bikur ha-Tizmoret = The Band's Visit
"The Alexandria Ceremonial Police Orchestra arrives in Israel from Egypt for a cultural event. Once there, they find the expected delegation is not there to meet them. Arrangements to get to their destination of Petah Tiqva have not been taken care of either. They find their own ride and arrive instead at the remote town of Beit Hatikva. Stuck there until the next morning's bus, the band, lead by the repressed Tawfiq Zacharaya, gets help from the worldly lunch owner, Dina, who offers to put them up for the night. As the band settles in the best it can, each of the members attempts to get along with the natives in their own way. What follows is a special night of quiet happenings and confessions as the band makes its own impact on the town and the town on them."

"Three successful Israeli couples have their lives changed forever when a fortune teller crashes their quiet evening at home. A talented ensemble cast movingly portrays the young men and women who are forced to face fears, desires, and life's most difficult decisions."

"17-year-old Naama spends most of her free time drinking and partying in the hopes of escaping from her parents' constant bickering, worsened by the recent disappearance of her AWOL soldier sister. When a free-spirited new girl shows up at school, Naama falls deeply in love for the first time and the intensity of the experience at once confuses her and gives her life new meaning."

A Borrowed Identity
"Gifted Eyad, a Palestinian Israeli boy, is given the chance to go to a prestigious Jewish boarding school in Jerusalem. As he desperately tries to fit in with his Jewish schoolmates and within Israeli society, Eyad develops a friendship with another outsider, Jonathan a boy suffering from muscular dystrophy, and gradually becomes part of the home Jonathan shares with his mother, Edna."

Brave Detective Schwartz
"Kahana, a banker, suspects his wife is having an affair with the devious Dr. Lux. He hires the notorious Detective Schwartz to catch the cheating couple, but it's not going to be easy. Will Dr. Lux bamboozle everyone and win Kahana's wife as well?"

"Over 1,000 years ago, Rabbi Meir tested the marriage vows of his wife, Bruriah, with a game of cruel temptation that pushed her to suicide. Modern-day Bruriah provokes her own husband with a quest to find the only remaining copy of her father's book that may have survived. The book about the ancient Bruriah is so heretical, it resulted in her family's excommunication years ago. How far will Bruriah risk temptation to seek her father's memory? How much will her husband risk to test her loyalty?"