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Silent Feature Films at the Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles A-B

Titles A-B

Die Abenteuer des Prinzen Achmed: Ein Silhouetten Film
"Premiered in Germany in 1926 and is based on the stories from The Arabian Nights, this movie has been hailed as the first full-length animated film. This is the story of a wicked sorcerer who tricks Prince Achmed into mounting a magical flying horse intending to send the rider off on a flight to his death."

The Ace of Hearts
"A romantic rivalry among members of a secret society becomes even tenser when one of the men is assigned to carry out an assassination."

Aelita: Queen of Mars
"An engineer living in Moscow dreams of the Queen of Mars and builds a spaceship to take him to her."

Amarilly of Clothes-line Alley
"Amarilly is the belle of Clothes-line Alley, a neighborhood near San Francisco's Chinatown. One night after a fight breaks out in the club where she works as a cigarette girl, Amarilly brings an injured socialite home with her. Grateful for her care, he hires Amarilly to clean his apartment and, over time, begins falling in love with her. But when Amarilly is presented at a posh social gathering, the disastrous results fuel the battle of high and low society."

The Ancient Law
"Baruch, the son of a rabbi, becomes fascinated by the theater. Against his father's wishes, Baruch leaves home and finds his way to Vienna, where an archduchess at the imperial court falls in love with him. She becomes his patroness, facilitating his successful career as a classical actor. But Baruch continues to long for home and must find a way to reconcile his religious heritage with his love of secular literature/"

Anna Boleyn
"The tragic story of the second wife of England's Henry VIII."

The Artist
"In 1927, George Valentin is a silent movie superstar. However, the advent of the talkies will kill his career and he will sink into oblivion. For young extra Peppy Miller, it seems the sky's the limit as major movie stardom awaits. Though their careers are taking different paths their destinies will become entwined."

"A beautiful jewel thief is caught during a theft, and seduces the young policeman assigned to her case."

Back to God's Country
"Renee is a beautiful young wife trapped on an ice-bound ship. Captain Blake, a murderous fugitive, will stop at nothing to have his way with her. With only the help of a ferocious dog named Wapi, she must stave off his advances and escape with her severely wounded husband to safety."

Bardelys the Magnificent
"In France 'in an age of light loves and lively scandals,' the Marquis de Bardelys casual womanizer and accomplished swashbuckler, is entranced by Roxalanne de Levedan and against a background of knavery and intrigue, he sets out to woo and win her."

The Battleship Potemkin
"A partly fictitious account of the mutiny at Odessa, an episode in the 1905 revolution."

Beloved Rogue
"The swashbuckling poet Francois Villon battles to save his country from the devious Duke of Burgundy."

Ben-Hur: A Tale of the Christ
"Sweeping saga tells the story of a young Jewish nobleman and his nemesis, a Roman centurion. Set against the backdrop of Jesus' life."

The Birth of a Nation
"Recounts the events leading up to and immediately after the Civil War. Ben Cameron, a brave yet disillusioned Confederate soldier, creates a covert group of impassioned Southerners called the Ku Klux Klan as an answer to the supposed problem of the rise and rule of blacks and carpetbaggers. Bent on revenge, Ben leads his KKK followers in a war to suppress the black threat to white society, ultimately restoring 'order' to his beloved South."

Blind Husbands
The story of a love triangle between a self-absorbed husband, the neglected wife, and her opportunistic lover."

"Once upon a time there was a little girl who had never known her mother. She learned the art of her father, a famous bullfighter, but was hated by her evil stepmother. One day she ran away with a troupe of dwarves, and became a legend."

Blood & Sand
"A romantic tragedy about the rise and fall of a matador. Juan Gallardo, Spain's most idolized matador, returns to his home town and finds himself the victim of his own desires and the sinister charms of the exotic Don̋a Sol."

"A downtrodden teacher's daughter is admired by a wealthy student. When the daughter becomes ill, the family's financial predicament causes the teacher's wife to be accused of stealing a chicken."

The Blue Bird
"Two poor children dream they are searching for the Blue Bird of Happiness with the aid of a magic diamond."

Broken Blossoms
"This is one of D. W. Griffith's most widely acclaimed films, using a new style of lighting and photography to stress intimate character relationships rather than spectacle. A young Chinaman in London's squalid Limehouse district hopes to spread the peaceful philosophy of his Eastern religion. He befriends a pitiful street waif who is mistreated by her brutal father. The result is tragedy."