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Silent Feature Films at the Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles S

Titles S

Safety Last!
"Country boy heads to the big city to seek success. While working as a clerk in a department store, he talks the manager into offering $1000 to anyone who can bring more customers to the store. He then arranges for a friend, a 'human fly,' to climb the face of the store building as a publicity stunt. Unfortunatly the 'human fly' is a wanted man, and when 'The Law' shows, our hero must make the climb, himself. At each ledge he encounters new difficulties, climaxing in the famous 'clock scene.'"

Sally of the Sawdust
"A carnival barker/conman becomes an unlikely guardian for an orphaned circus waif. When he tries to return the child to her wealthy but contemptuous grandparents he finds himself suddenly being chased by both sides of the law."

The Sapheap
"Bertie Van Alstyne is the spoiled son of a powerful Wall Street financier. Unable to escape the wealth and comfort that are foisted upon him, he pursues individuality in a series of comic misadventures. This is Buster Keaton's first starring role and the film that launched his career."

Secrets of a Soul
"By deciphering dream symbols, a psychoanalyst is able to resolve his patient's unconscious conflicts, curing him."

Selma Lagerlöf's Sir Arne's Treasure: A Winter Ballad in Five Acts
"In 16th century Sweden, three Scottish mercenaries murder Sir Arne and his household for his stolen treasure. The only survivor is Elsalill, who moves to relatives in Marstrand. There she falls in love with a charming young officer--Sir Archie, who is one of the murderers."

Seven Chances
"[T]he story of an eligible young bachelor who must marry by 7:00 p.m. in order to receive a $7 million inheritance. After bungling a proposal to his longtime sweetheart ... , Jimmie ... embarks on a desperate quest for a bride. He experiences a hilarious series of rejections, until a newspaper announcement of Jimmie's predicament provides him with more fiancées than he can handle."

"Seductive Adrienne Renault is the star at the Frivolity, New York's most decadent night club, where she headlines with her erotic Spider Dance. She is carrying on a torrid love affair with Philip Overman, a wealthy married man. After instigating Overman's divorce, Adrienne dumps him, and marries Dave Wallace, a far wealthier millionaire. The triumphant homewrecker is living the good life until the wages of her sins come back to haunt her, bringing disaster in their wake."

Sex in Chains
"When Sommer accidentally kills a nightclub patron harassing his wife Helene, he's sentenced to three years in prison. Denied the comforts promised in their marriage, the young newlyweds risk their future and find release where they can -- Sommer in the arms of a handsome fellow prisoner and Helene with the boss whose kindness becomes her only solace."

The Sheik
"Lady Diana Mayo is carried into the desert by an Arab chieftan, who takes one look at her and wants her, right then and there."

Sherlock Holmes
"Sherlock Homes comes to the aid of a young prince accused of murder and uncovers a plot to destroy Western civilization."

"[This film] follows the daily travails of Eva Meyer, whose meager wages from her job at a five-and-dime store are the sole financial support for three younger sisters, a struggling mother, and a father who prefers beer and penny dreadfuls to work. When there is barely enough to cover the grocer's bill, Eva is forced to patch the holes in the soles of her shoes with cardboard. But with each rainy day and every splinter, her plight becomes more painful, and finally intolerable. With no solution in sight, Eva is forced to consider other options."

The Son of the Sheik
"The son of a sheik is lured into a thieves' trap by a beautiful girl. When he escapes, he kidnaps the girl, they fall in love, and ride off into the sunset together."

"It was the last silent feature to star Harold Lloyd, and one of his very best. The slapstick legend reprises his "Glasses Character' this time as a good-natured but scatterbrained New Yorker who can't keep a job. He finally finds his true calling when he becomes determined to help save the city's last horse-drawn trolley, which is operated by his sweetheart's crusty grandfather.

"The mastermind behind a ubiquitous spy operation learns of a dangerous romance between a Russian lady in his employ and a dashing agent from the government's secret service."

The Spiders
"Follows adventurer Kay Hoog as he searches for Incan gold and the Buddha's head diamond and the international criminal organization known as The Spiders who will stop at nothing to get the artifacts for themselves."

Stage Struck
"Jenny Hagen is a diner waitress who fantasizes about a life on stage. Her heart belongs to Orme Wilson, an expert pancake flipper, who only has eyes for the women in movie magazines. When a river showboat comes to town, its star performer Lillian Lyons entrances him. Inflamed with jealousy, Jenny is determined to get on stage herself, by any means necessary."

Steamboat Bill, Jr.
"Follows the adventures of a spoiled young man forced by his father to learn the ropes of riverboating."

Stella Maris
"A woman, paralyzed from birth and shielded from the world, is cured by an operation."

"A young Cockney laundress tells her friends that she is the daughter of an archduke, who has turned her out of their mansion so that she will be loved for herself, not her money. She is so desperate for love that she tells her troubles to the laundry's delivery horse. When Mary rescues the nag from the glue factory and brings him home with her, the result is hilarious."

"The story of Sumurun, a rebellious harem member who rejects the sheikh and falls in love with a cloth merchant, is intertwined with with several other related stories."

Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans
"A villager in love with a city woman tries to kill his wife; later he repents and spends a happy day with her."