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Silent Feature Films at the Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles V-Z

Titles V-Z

Les Vampires
"An intrepid reporter and his loyal friend battle a bizarre secret society of criminals known as The Vampires."

Wagon Tracks
"Buckskin Hamilton guides a wagon train across the wasteland, caring well for the pioneers he escorts, but hoping to solve the murder of his brother by one of the travellers."

Warning Shadows
"Psychological study of a count who is insanely jealous of the attentions his wife pays to 'the lover' and various other suitors. The situation comes to a head when a showman/mesmerist puts on a "shadow play" for them all, in which their emotions and passions are mirrored."

"A poet imagines scenarios in a wax museum fairground that involve Jack the Ripper, Ivan the Terrible, and Haroun al-Raschid."

Way Down East
"Impoverished Anna Moore lives in a New England village with her elderly mother. Anna sets out to petition her wealthy city-dwelling Aunt Emma for help. At Aunt Emma's Anna meets rich, idle, womanizer Lennox Sanderson, who uses a mock marriage to compel her surrender to his seduction. When Anna announces that she is pregnant, the cad reveals the truth then deserts her. Anna's baby dies, her mother passes away. Abandoned and orphaned she finds refuge working on the Bartlett farm--a shamed woman who only wishes to keep her secret. David Bartlett has fallen in love with the gentle servant girl, however, and refuses to let the Puritanical justifications of a stuffy and unfeeling society alter his feelings."

When Knighthood  Was In Flower
"...Davies plays Mary Tudor, sister of King Henry VIII, whom the king aims to use for political gain by offering her hand in marriage to King Louis XII of France."

Why Be Good?
"A shopkeeper wins the heart of the boss' son. He doubts whether or not she is virtuous, so he conducts a test."

The Wildcat
"A young military officer is kidnapped by bandits, and the daughter of the bandit leader falls in love with him."

"Two young men, one rich, one middle class, are in love with the same woman, but must leave her behind when they become fighter pilots in World War I."

Within Our Gates
"This earliest surviving silent feature directed by an African- American tells the story of a young African-American woman who seeks a northern white patron for a Southern school for Black children."

Within the Law
'Follows a shopgirl who is unjustly accused of stealing and then sent to jail. She plots revenge against her former employer, using 'Rich Men's' legal tricks, yet staying 'within the law.'"

Woman in the Moon
"An early silent film describing a journey by rocket ship to the moon. Rather than a flight of pure fantasy, director Fritz Lang conceived a modernized 'trip to the Moon' grounded in state-of-the-art astrophysics & spiced with romance and espionage. One of the most influential science fiction films of its era, in many respects technically accurate

Woman of Paris
"When her elopement to her beau fails, Marie winds up in Paris as a kept woman whose attempt at reconciliation with her true love only leads to more grief and, finally, tragedy."

"A vivacious French showgirl falls in love with a married man."

"After the death of his grandfather, Vasil wishes the neighboring farmers to share the use of a tractor purchased by the village council. Struggling against superstition, rich landowners and nature itself, he becomes the victim of a tragic murder."