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Silent Feature Films at the Leavey Library (DVDs): New Additions To the Collection

New Additions to the Collection

The Ancient Law
"Baruch, the son of a rabbi, becomes fascinated by the theater. Against his father's wishes, Baruch leaves home and finds his way to Vienna, where an archduchess at the imperial court falls in love with him. She becomes his patroness, facilitating his successful career as a classical actor. But Baruch continues to long for home and must find a way to reconcile his religious heritage with his love of secular literature."

The Dumb Girl of Portici
"Fenella, a poor Italian girl, falls in love with a Spanish nobleman, but their affair triggers a revolution and national catastrophe."

The Half-Breed
"In The Half-Breed, a man is ostracized for his mixed ethnicity."

A Lady of Chance
"Norma Shearer makes her last silent film a fun one, portraying a tough cookie who falls among thieves even shadier than she is, cons them at their own grifts and marries what she thinks is a wealthy young son of the South."

Lady Windermere's Fan
"A society woman believes her husband is having an affair with a mystery woman, a misconception that may have dire personal consequences for all involved."

Little Annie Rooney
"A tough slum girl faces a crisis of the heart when the boy she loves is accused of shooting her cop father. Her brother stalks the accused slayer and finally shoots him down in the street."

Male and Female
"Evincing Cecil B. DeMille's unequaled flair for glamorized decadence and wry social comment, Male and Female is a tongue-in-cheek morality play that playfully examines the codes of conduct of class-consious Britain when the film was made in 1919."

"Tells the story of Tessie McGuire, a down- on-her-luck salesgirl who climbs the social ladder by pretending to be a Russian countess. Tessie is a working class gal whose boyfriend Jimmy stands her up on a date, so she goes to a sculptor's party instead, where her skill with mimicry makes her a hit. She is hired by a fashionable dressmaking establishment to use her acting skills on their customers."

Our Dancing Daughters
"Diana is outwardly the hit of the party but inwardly virtuous and idealistic. Her friend Ann is thoroughly selfish and amoral. Both are attracted to Ben Black, soon-to-be millionaire. He takes Diana's flirtations with other boys as a sign of disinterest in him and marries Ann. Big mistake. Ben and Diana begin to realize their true love for each other and plan a new life together as drunken Ann falls down the stairs to her death."

"Seductive Adrienne Renault is the star at the Frivolity, New York's most decadent night club, where she headlines with her erotic Spider Dance. She is carrying on a torrid love affair with Philip Overman, a wealthy married man. After instigating Overman's divorce, Adrienne dumps him, and marries Dave Wallace, a far wealthier millionaire. The triumphant homewrecker is living the good life until the wages of her sins come back to haunt her, bringing disaster in their wake."

"[This film] follows the daily travails of Eva Meyer, whose meager wages from her job at a five-and-dime store are the sole financial support for three younger sisters, a struggling mother, and a father who prefers beer and penny dreadfuls to work. When there is barely enough to cover the grocer's bill, Eva is forced to patch the holes in the soles of her shoes with cardboard. But with each rainy day and every splinter, her plight becomes more painful, and finally intolerable. With no solution in sight, Eva is forced to consider other options."

Stage Struck
"Jenny Hagen is a diner waitress who fantasizes about a life on stage. Her heart belongs to Orme Wilson, an expert pancake flipper, who only has eyes for the women in movie magazines. When a river showboat comes to town, its star performer Lillian Lyons entrances him. Inflamed with jealousy, Jenny is determined to get on stage herself, by any means necessary."

When Knighthood  Was In Flower
"...Davies plays Mary Tudor, sister of King Henry VIII, whom the king aims to use for political gain by offering her hand in marriage to King Louis XII of France."

"A vivacious French showgirl falls in love with a married man."