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Archaeology*: Print Reference Sources

This guide highlights resources for researching archaeology.


Oxford history of classical art
Available in AFA Reference
N5610.O84 1993

Oxford guide to classical mythology in the arts
Available in AFA Reference, Leavey Info Commons, Doheny Reference

NX650.M9R45 1993  vol.1-2

Reference Books


Encyclopedia of Archaeology.  v.1-3, History and Discoveries; v.4-5, The Great Archaeologists. Entries in volumes 1-3 provide information on the debates about archaeological theory and the philosophy of archaeology in an international scope, histories of significant sites, techniques, and methodologies. Volumes 4-5 explore the role of biography in writing the history of archaeology.  Major articles include extensive bibliographies.  (Doheny Reference, Call No. CC100.E54 2001).

Shaw, Ian and Robert Jameson, eds. A Dictionary of Archaeology. Malden, MA: Blackwell, 1999. Entries cover terms, techniques, and major sites; most include short bibliographies. Generally, entries are brief, but there are longer articles on theories, methodology, and continents, countries, and regions. Excludes most Greek and Roman sites. Includes maps, chronologies, and a few plans.
Doheny Reference, Call No. CC70.D53 1999

Glossary of Archaeological Terms, from Southern Methodist University, has some basic terminology.

Bahn, Paul.  The Atlas of World Archaeology. NY: Checkmark, 2000.
Doheny Reference
and Leavey Stacks, Call. No. CC165.A85 2000

Past Worlds: The Times Atlas of Archaeology.  Maplewood, NJ: Hammond, 1988.
Doheny Reference Atlas Case, Call No. G1046.E15P3 1988

The Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites. (1976)
Doheny Reference/Classics and AFA Reference, Call No. DE59 P7

Woodhead, Peter. Keyguide to Information Sources in Archaeology. NY: Mansell, 1985. Includes a narrative account of the major forms of archaeological literature, an annotated bibliography of reference sources in a topical arrangement, and a selective list of organizations. Although dated, much of the information is still useful. 
Doheny Reference, Call No. CC120.W66 1984


Enciclopedia dell'arte antica, classica e orientale. Rome: Istituto della Enciclopedia italiana, 1958-1966. 7 vol.
Covers art and archaeology from prehistory to c.500 A.D. Emphasis is on the classical period of the Mediterranean. Excellent photographs, plans, and maps.
AFA Reference, Call No. N31.E48


Jenkins, Fred W. Classical Studies: A Guide to the Reference Literature. Westport, CT: Libraries Unlimited, 2006, 2d ed.
Doheny Reference and Doheny Stacks, Call No. Z7016.J4 2006
The focus of this annotated bibliography is on the Greek and Roman civilizations from the Bronze Age through the 6th century A.D.

Wellington, Jean Susorney. Dictionary of Bibliographic Abbreviations Found in the Scholarship of Classical Studies and Related Disciplines. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2003.
AFA Library and Doheny Reference, Call No. PA99.W44 2003
An extremely useful guide to the numerous abbreviations used in citing journals, corpora, and standard works in classical studies.

Norton, Mary Beth, ed. The American Historical Association's Guide to Historical Literature. New York: Oxford University Press, 3rd ed., 1995. 2 vol.
Doheny Reference, Leavey Bookstacks, VKC Reference, Call No. Z6201.A55 1995
This authoritative and comprehensive bibliography contains nearly 27,000 entries in 48 sections, including the Ancient Near East, Ancient Greece to the End of the Hellenistic Period, and Early Western Europe, Pre-Roman North Africa, and Rome.
Each section begins with an overview, followed by annotated entries in a classified arrangement. Vol.2 includes a useful list of journals arranged by subject. Citations are primarily to works published between 1961 and 1992.

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