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Hollywood Film Noir in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles Q-R

Titles Q-R

"In order to take Vera out on a date, Dan Brady needs some money. He starts by swindling his employer, then hocks a watch, robs a bar patron, steals a car, and by the end of the movie finds himself running from the law, gun in hand."

The Postman Always Rings Twice
"Frank Chambers is a drifter who lands at a roadside gas station owned by jolly old Nick Smith and his young, blonde wife Cora. In a matter of minutes, Frank and Cora fall in love, and plot to murder Nick. Eventually wedding bells ring, the body count rises, and the gavel slams-of course, nothing ever goes as planned. Part of what makes the film noir is watching the characters react, as their plans are derailed one by one."

The Prowler
"A nefarious cop stalks a lonely, repressed Los Angeles housewife and decides to win her by killing her husband."

Race Street
"Dan Gannin is a San Francisco bookie who has decided to go straight and marry Robbie, the girl he loves. His plans are dashed when he learns that his friend Hal, a fellow bookie, has been murdered by a vicious East Coast mob run by Phil Dickson. Vowing revenge, Gannin decides to single-handedly smash the gang. Enter his childhood friend, police detective Ruson, who implores Gannin to join him so they can legally destroy Dickson. Gannin refuses-- to his mind, working with the police is too much like being a stoolie. It is only when Gannin learns that Robbie is in reality Dickson's wife and has been keeping the gang informed of his every move, that Gannin decides to join Ruson, setting the state for a final, bloody confrontation."

The Racket
"A straight-arrow cop and an old-school gangster find a common foe: big shots who run crime like a corporation."

"A detective attempts to clear his girlfriend's brother of a murder rap and find the real killer. In the process he uncovers the hidden workings of the city's seedy underworld."

Raw Deal
"Trapped within the walls of a state penitentiary, Joe Sullivan lives for the chance to avenge himself upon the man who helped put him there: Rick Coyle, a pyromaniac mob boss with a taste for party-girl flambé. Rick helps spring Joe from prison in hopes that the police will gun him down during the escape, but he grossly underestimates Joe's resourcefulness. With the assistance of a world-weary moll and an innocent girl, Joe dodges roadblocks, hitmen and dragnets and carves a bloody path back to his betrayer."

Red Light
"Johnny Torno thinks everything's "jake" thanks to the safe return of his brother Jess from a POW camp. But trouble is brewing in the form of his ex-employee, embezzling book keeper Nick Cherney, who's currently serving time for dipping his hand into Johnny's trucking company till. Cherney tasks fellow con Rocky with revenge delivery, and the deed sends Johnny out into the streets, desperately searching for a missing Bible and the meaning behind a message from Jess."

 Ride the Pink Horse
"A tough-talking former GI comes to a small New Mexico town to shake down a gangster who killed his best friend; events turn out neither as planned nor at all well."

"An L.A. insurance detective is increasingly attracted to a girl he meets on an airplane trip, even though he sees her as a chiseler. She makes it clear that her tastes are too expensive for him, so he sets about getting a lot of money quickly, if illegally. Perhaps too late, she realizes she is content with him just the way he is."