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Hollywood Film Noir in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles U-Z

Titles U-Z

Union Station
"Returning to the city from her wealthy employer's residence, Joyce Willecombe, spots two armed men on the train. She reports them to the conductor who radios the Station's police. Once at Union Station she points out the men to Lt. William Calhoun, head of the station's police squad and they find out that the gunmen are members of a gang who have kidnapped her employer's blind daughter and are seeking a $100,000 ransom. The Chicago police headed by inspector Donnelly and the FBI are both called in."

The Unsuspected
"In this murder mystery, a woman can not remember the man who claims to be her husband following the murder of a young girl. The woman's uncle runs a mystery radio show, which brings up the questions of who committed the murder, why they murder the girl and who is the man claiming to be her husband."

Where Danger Lives
"Jeff Cameron, a young intern at the beginning of his career, who links his destiny to that of a patient who is brought to the hospital after a suicide attempt. Jeff dumps the secure, rather plain nurse Julie, for the passionate but perplexing Margo. Confused and caught up in Margo's deceptions, Jeff loses his sense of reality and finds himself fleeing with her for the Mexican border."

Where the Sidewalk Ends
"Cop Mark Dixon is in hot water with his bosses because of his rough style and tactics. He accidentally kills a murder suspect and tries to frame a known racketeer that he despises for the crime."

While the City Sleeps
"'Ask mother' says the message scrawled in lipstick at a muder scene by an unknown serial killer who preys on women. It's a sensational story - if it bleeds, it leads - and a news conglomerate offers a big promotion to the high-level company exec who solves the case. So begins the wheeling, dealing and backstabbing of the competing media hotshots as they vie to unmask the so-called Lipstick Killer."

The Window
"Tommy habitually tells tall tales and nobody believes him when he witnesses a murder through a tenement window."

The Woman in the Window
"A professor of criminology is the pawn in a shocking crime thriller with a surprising twist."

Woman on the Run
"Convincing story of a wife trying to find her husband, who is a witness to a gangland murder, before the underworld does."

Women's Prison
"Sensational scandal rocks women's prison!"

The Wrong Man
"The first Hitchcock film based on a true story. A nightclub musician is falsely accused of a robbery, an accusation that ruins his life."

World for Ransom
"Roguish detective Mike Callahan is drawn into a plot to kidnap a nuclear scientist. But the deeper Callahan delves into the mystery, the more labyrinthine the conspiracy becomes, as military intelligence, a criminal mastermind, and a cross-dressing femme fatale all vie to control his fate."

You Only Live Once
"An ill-fated young couple are separated when he is put in prison for a crime he didn't commit.'