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Hollywood Film Noir in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles H

Titles H

He Ran All the Way
"Two men plan to rob a bank but then are discovered by an undercover police officer."

Hickey & Boggs
"One of the best of the rich era of 1970's crime dramas. Two down-on-their luck private investigators accept a routine request to locate a missing woman, little knowing they would be sent scrambling for their lives in a sizzling, violent underworld caper involving a 400,000 dollar cache from an old robbery."

High Sierra
"A gangster's hard-boiled persona finds itself at war with his compassionate side, a side that will ultimately be his downfall."

High Wall
"Steven Kenet says he killed his wife, but even he doesn't really know. ... So Kenet enters a psych ward where, the DA asserts, he'll hide behind the wall of an insanity plea. But truth cannot hide. And Kenet - assisted by a ward doctor - is driven to find the truth."

His Kind of Woman!
"Hard-luck gambler Dan Milner is in sudden luck. He'll get $50,000 to hang out at a posh Mexican resort. $5,000 now and the big payoff when the reason he's been sent there is revealed. Of course, the gangsters making the offer don't expect him to live long enough to collect."

"When two men on a fishing trip pick up a hitchhiker, their lives take a haunting turn. The lone traveler turns out to be a psychopath who also happens to sleep with one eye open."

Hollow Triumph
"When med school dropout-turned-master criminal John Muller puts together a major casino heist, not everything goes as planned and a vindictive casino owner knows who's behind it. In order to hide, Muller must do whatever it takes to assume someone else's identity ... but how far is he willing to go?"

The House on 92nd Street
"When a young German American is solicited as a Nazi spy during WWII, he accepts the job after agreeing to go undercover for the FBI. Once he learns that his mission is to send atomic bomb secrets to the German government, the FBI chief works relentlessly to prevent this while not giving his agent's identity away."

The House on Telegraph Hill
"Victoria Kowelska is tortured in a concentration camp during the final days of World War II, and her family in Poland is slaughtered. Her best friend, Karin, who is ill, hopes to recover and make it to San Francisco, where a wealthy aunt is taking care of her son. But when Karin dies and the camp is liberated, Victoria exchanges identity papers with the dead woman, thereby gaining a new identity and family. After five years in relocation camps, Victoria finally gets to America, only to learn that Karin's aunt has recently died, and her nephew is in charge of the estate and Karin's son."

Human Desire
"Engineer Jeff, returning from Japan, falls in Love with his co-worker Carl's wife Vicky, who both committed a murder. Naturally Carl gets jealous but can't say a thing because Jeff knows a little bit about the case." - Stephan Eichenberg

"When a hard-boiled detective, Lt. Phil Gaines, tries to solve a case involving the death of a teenage call girl, he soon finds himself wrapped in a dark, complicated riddle of urban corruption and vice."