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Scandinavian/Nordic Language Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Swedish Titles (A-K)

Swedish Titles (A-K)

"With a traumatic event in her recent past, Alena transfers to a posh private all-girls school where her decidedly lower class roots makes her an outsider. While a gang of mean rich girls are determined to make her life a living hell, she is mysteriously defended by a shadowy and jealous, yet beautiful guardian angel."

Ansiktet = The Magician
"A traveling magician bringing his potions and mystical items with him is challenged by the Minister of Health, who believes the magician to be a charlatan."

Autumn Sonata
"An international concert pianist visits her grown daughter after a seven-year absence. Aching with the memory of her mother's neglect, the introverted daughter explodes into a rage and the reunion turns into a shattering confrontation."

The Count of the Old Town
"Ingrid Bergman had her first speaking role in this ensemble comedy, as a chambermaid seduced by a suspected jewel thief."

"Ingrid Bergman is the frustrated spouse of a busy industrialist with conservative views about how his wife should behave."

Du levande = You, the Living
"Hypnotic and darkly humorous, this film is a uniquely Scandinavian take on the absurdities of life as it traces a series of bizarre, deadpan and comic vignettes which wryly address the meaning (or lack thereof) of life."

Easy Money: Hard To Kill
"JW, the promising business student who became an organized coke smuggler, is serving hard time in prison and is struggling to get back to an honest life. When the former hit man Mrado Slovovic shows up, his presence changes everything. Jorge returns to Sweden to pull off a giant coke deal. Nevertheless, the deal fails terribly and now he has to flee the country with both the police and the Serbian mafia on his tail."

The Emigrants/The New Land
"A monumental mid-nineteenth century epic that charts, over the course of two films, a poor Swedish farming family's voyage to America and their efforts to put down roots in this beautiful but forbidding new world."

"Erik's life is full of violence and conflict. When he is expelled from school, he is sent to a boarding school as a last chance and is tormented by his classmates. Can he revolt against the harassment without breaking the rules?"

Face to Face
"[A] successful psychiatrist ... despite her professional prowess, suffers from profound depression and mental illness. She finds herself teetering on the brink of a nervous breakdown, haunted by disturbing images and emotions from her past. Desperately in search of an escape from her doldrums, she has an affair with fellow doctor Tomas Jacobi. But her hysteria only worsens as she struggles to maintain her grasp on sanity and reality."

Fanny och Alexander  = Fanny and Alexander
"Told through the eyes of Alexander and his sister Fanny, we see the exuberant and colorful Ekdahl household in a Swedish town early in the twentieth century. Their parents, Oscar and Emilie, are the director and the leading lady of the local theatre company. Oscar's mother and brother are its chief patrons. After Oscar's early death, his widow marries the bishop and moves with her children to his austere and forbidding chancery. The children are immediately miserable, but befriend a local Jewish merchant whose odd household becomes the children's refuge."

Flickan = The Girl
"In the summer of 1981, a 9-year-old girl is left behind in her aunt's care while the rest of her family goes to Africa as aid workers. The aunt is soon courted by a man and leaves the girl with the promise to return in a few days. The abandoned girl keeps this a secret from everyone and uses her freedom to discover the world around her as the summer passes by. With sharpening senses she gradually discovers the often absurd and careless world of adults."

Flickan som lekte med elden  = The Girl Who Played with Fire
"In this second film based on Larsson's Millennium trilogy, Mikael Blomkvist's journalistic protégé and his activist girlfriend are delving into a sex-trafficking ring whose patrons who are highly placed in the political establishment. When the couple are brutally murdered, the gun found in their apartment has Lisbeth's fingerprints on it, and Lisbeth and Mikael embark on parallel manhunts. Mikael is simultaneously aided and obstructed by a shambling detective named Bublanski, while Lisbeth is drawn toward fresh dangers connected to a rotten, unresolved past. The film captures both the beautiful, lugubrious Swedish landscape and the existential mood of contemporary northern Europe, trapped between the info-capitalist future and the ideological prisons of the past."

Fyra år till = Four More Years
"David Holst has been the favorite to become the new Prime Minister of Sweden. However, after a shocking turnaround at the polls, he is left on the sidelines, where he meets Martin: charming, bright, fun loving ... and the state secretary to the new Prime Minister. As David navigates a newly found sexuality and a political divide: should he give up his marriage and career for a social democrat who's had more one night stands than David's had votes?"

God afton, herr Wallenberg: en passionshistoria från verkligheten = Good Evening Mr. Wallenberg, A Passion Taken from Reality
"The story of Swedish businessman Raoul Wallenberg who helped Jews in Budapest, Hungary in 1944 obtain Swedish passports to get them out of Adolph Eichmann's deadly path. He saved over 60,000 people in Budapest's Jewish ghetto."

Den Goda viljan = The Best Intentions
"In 1909, poor, idealistic theology student Henrik Bergman falls in love with Ann Akerbloom, the intelligent, educated daughter of a rich family in Uppsala. After their wedding Henrik becomes a priest in the north of Sweden. Urbane Anna can't stand living in the rural country and grows increasingly restless. She returns to Uppsala and the couple's love and commitment are put to the test. The story of Ingmar Bergman's parents."

Här har du ditt liv
"This mesmerizing debut by the great Swedish director Jan Troell (The Emigrants, The New Land) is an epic bildungsroman and a multilayered representation of early twentieth-century Sweden. Based on a series of semi-autobiographical novels by Nobel Prize winner Eyvind Johnson, the film follows a working-class boy's development, from naive teenager to intellectually curious young adult, from logger to movie projectionist to politically engaged man of the people--all set against the backdrop of a slowly industrializing rural landscape. With its mix of modernist visual ingenuity and elegantly structured storytelling, this enchanting film--presented here in its original nearly three-hour cut--is a reminder that Troell is one of European cinema's greatest and most sensitive illuminators of the human condition."

Hour of the Wolf
"A brooding artist accompanied by his wife travels to a remote island where he hopes to escape his demons."

"Gustaf Molander's swooning romance, about an ill-starred affair, made Ingrid Bergman a star in Sweden, and she would go on to appear in the Hollywood remake."

Johan Falk: Trilogy
"Jakob Eklund stars as tough Gothenburg cop, Johan Falk, in three films that introduced the character to audiences around the world."

Jungfrukällan  = The Virgin Spring
"A peasant girl is raped and murdered in 14th century Sweden. When her killers seek shelter in her father's house, he kills them to avenge her death. Soon a spring appears from where the girl was killed and her father sees this as a sign from above."

June Night
"An unassuming woman is caught up in a sensational scandal and the finds a new beginning, in Bergman's last Swedish film before she moved to America."

Kyss mig
"Mia's life is turned upside down when she falls in love with Frida. The two meet at an engagement party in the country and discover an instant attraction that immediately calls into question Mia's engagement to her boyfriend, Tim."