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Scripter Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Scripters 1-5 (1988-1993)

Scripter 1 - 1988

84 Charing Cross Road  WINNER
"Helene Hanff is a New Yorker who loves books but cannot afford expensive ones. When she sees an ad in The Saturday Review for a London bookstore, she sends them her want list and is soon delighted to receive a package of used books - good readable editions, cheap. She begins a correspondence with the bookseller, Frank Doel. Built on a basis of mutually held taste, knowledge, interests and consideration, the bond between the lonely New Yorker and the reserved Londoner lasts for years without the two people ever meeting each other. Based on a true story and the long running play."

Sreenwriter: Hugh Whitemore

Author: Helene Hanff


The Dead
"Gabriel and Gretta Conroy are enjoying a holiday party when Gretta begins to have poignant memories of a former lover who is deceased. Gabriel begins to see his life in an entirely new light with the shattering revelation of Gretta's secret past."

Screenwriter: Tony Houston
Author: James Joyce


Housekeeping [This film has yet to be released on DVD]
Aunt Sylvie, an eccentric free spirit, returns to her Hometown, a small mountain community in the Pacific Northwest, to care for her two orphaned nieces."
Screenwriter: Bill Forsyth
Author: Marilynne Robinson


The Lonely Passion of Judith Hearne [This film has yet to be released in the US on DVD]
"Judith is a naive, abandoned spinster struggling to maintain her fragile dignity in a succession of shoddy Dublin boarding houses. A younger man enters her life with promises of love and companionship. When her fantasy is shattered she must face her loneliness and summon up the spiritual courage to carry on."
Screenwriter: Peter Nelson
Author: Brian Moore


The Princess Bride
"A kindly grandfather sits down with his grandson and reads him a bedtime story. As the grandfather reads the story, the action comes alive in a classic tale of love and adventure. The beautiful Buttercup is kidnapped and held against her will in order to marry the nasty Prince Humperdinck, while Westley (her childhood beau, now returned as the Dread Pirate Roberts) attempts to save her. Along the way he meets an accomplished swordsman and a giant, both of whom become his companions in his quest."

Screenwriter: William Goldman
Author: William Goldman



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Scripter 2 - 1990

The Accidental Tourist  WINNER
Award-winning drama about the trials of one man. After a man loses his son and his wife leaves him, he becomes detached from the world, until a strange dog-trainer meets him and brings him back out."

Screenwriters: Frank Galati & Lawrence Kasdan
Author: Anne Tyler


Eight Men Out
"Based on the real-life major league baseball scandal of 1919, the film tells the story of eight Chicago White Sox players who plan to throw games for money, and the scorn and anger that result from the scheme."

Screenwriter: John Sayles
Author: Eliot Asinof


Everybody's All-American
"Story of a football hero and his wife. The Greys have it all, then lose it and rediscover the one thing they really need: each other."

Screenwriter: Thomas Rickman
Author: Frank Deford


Madame Sousatzka
"An eccentric and endearing piano instructor teaches gifted students both how to play and how to live."
Screenwriters: Ruth Prawler Jhabvala & John Schlesinger
Author: Bernice Rubens



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Scripter 3 - 1991

Awakenings  WINNER
"The victims of an encephalitis epidemic many years ago have been catatonic ever since, but now a new drug offers the prospect of reviving them."

Sreenwriter: Steven Zallian

Author: Oliver Sacks


Dances with Wolves
"Story of a Civil War hero who travels west where he is assigned to an abandoned fort. His nearest neighbors are members of a Sioux tribe, and they gradually become friends. He marries a tribe woman  and ultimately must make a decision about the tribe and their life when he realizes what their fate will be at the hands of the white man."

Screenwriter: Michael Blake
Author: Michael Blake


"Details the rise and fall of Henry Hill, a Brooklyn kid who grows up idolizing the 'wise guys' from his neighborhood. He begins hanging around the mobsters and doing odd jobs until he gains the notice of local chieftain Paulie Cicero. In his teens, Hill distinguishes himself as a "stand-up guy" by choosing jail time over ratting on his accomplices. From that moment on, he is a part of the family. Along with his partner Tommy, he rises through the ranks to become Paulie's lieutenant. Soon he finds himself the target of both the feds and the mobsters."
Screenwriters: Nicholas Pileggi & Martin Scoresse
Author: Nicholas Pileggi


"After an almost fatal car crash, novelist Paul Sheldon finds himself being nursed by a deranged fan who holds him captive."
Screenwriter: William Goldman
Author: Stephen King


Presumed Innocent 
 Rusty Sabich's has been swept up in an obsessive affair with a coworker in the prosecutor's office.When she is murdered, he's asked to lead rge investigation. Then, astonishingly, he's accused of the crime. He's the perfect suspect and his fight to clear his name puts him into a whirlpool of lies and secrets."
Screenwriters: Frank Pierson & Alan J. Pakula
Author: Scott Turow


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Scripter 4 - 1992

At Play in the Fields of the Lord   [This film has yet to be released on DVD] 
"The tale of two men's experiences with a native Indian tribe in the Brazilian rain forest. One is an American mercenary hired to drive the Niaruna Indians off their land, who joins forces with them instead. The other is a missionary sent to convert the Indians to Christianity."

Sreenwriters: Hector Babenco & Jean-Claude Carriere

Author: Norman MacLean


Fried Green Tomatoes WINNER
"A chance encounter in a nursing home leads to an unexpected friendship between a dowdy housewife and a spry octagenarian who tells her the story of a fiercely independent woman half a century ago, inspiring the housewife to change her life, often with hilarious results."
Screenwriters: Fannie Flagg & Carol Sobieski
Author: Fannie Flagg


The Prince of Tides
"A disillusioned Southern coach reveals his tortured childhood in order to help his troubled, suicidal sister, and discovers the healing powers of love and forgiveness.
Screenwriters: Pat Conroy & Beck Johnston

Author: Pat Conroy

Rambling Rose

"Rose, an alluring young woman, is hired by a Southern family to care for their children, and changes their lives forever. She is an innocent who relates to everyone she meets in the only way she knows how-- with sexuality she cannot restrain. The mother of the family takes Rose under her wing, offering love and protection, while the teenaged son finds Rose both his fantasy and a profound mystery.
Screenwriter: Calder Willingham
Author: Calder Willlingham


The Silence of the Lambs
"FBI agent Clarice Starling is assigned to help find a missing woman to save her from a psychopathic serial killer who skins his victims. Clarice attempts to gain a better insight into the twisted mind of the killer by talking to another psychopath Hannibal Lecter, who used to be a respected psychiatrist.

Screenwriter: Ted Tally
Author: Thomas Harris



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Scripter 5 - 1993

A River Runs Through It  WINNER
"Academy Award-winning director Robert Redford captures the majesty of the Montana Wilderness and the strength of the American family in this acclaimed adaptation of Norman Maclean's classic autobiography. Craig Sheffer stars as the young Norman, and Brad Pitt also stars as his brother Paul, an irresistible daredevil driven to challenge the world. Growing up, both boys rebel against their stern minister father. While Norman channels his rebellion into writing, Paul descends a slippery path to self-destruction."

Screenwriter: Richard Friedenberg
Author: Norman MacLean


Enchanted April
"London, the 1920s. Lottie and Rose are two married women who share the misery of empty marriages and decide to rent an Italian castle for the spring to get away. In order to save money, they advertise for two other women to join them. Mrs. Fisher is an elderly widow is struggling with a lonely and regimented existence. She jumps at the chance to join the vacation. Lady Caroline Dester is a gorgeous flapper who has been grabbed one too many times and believes that she is sick of men. They arrive in San Salvatore. The seaside Italian castle is drenched in wisteria and sunshine. The women find themselves in a transformative beauty so enchanting that they experience changes in themselves they never thought possible.
Screenwriter: Peter Barnes
Author: Elizabeth von Arnim


Howards End
"A story of two families who are drawn together by extraordinary circumstances in spite of their vastly differing backgrounds and ambitions.
Ruth Prawler Jhabvala
Author: E.M. Forestor


Malcolm X  
"Screen version of the life of Malcolm X, who through his religious conversion to Islam, found the strength to rise up from a criminal past to become an influential civil rights leader."
Screenwriters: Arnold Perl & Spike Lee
Authors: Alex Haley & Malcom X


The Player  
"A celebrity-studded thriller of murderous obsession among Hollywood's glamorous elite."

Screenwriter: Michael Tolkin
Author: Michael Tolkin



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