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Festival de Flor y Canto at USC: A Guide to Resources: Find Flor y Canto Writers

A guide to USC's 1973 and 2010 Festivales de Flor y Canto, groundbreaking literary events featuring poets and writers from the past and performers from the new and future generation.

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Anthologies with Flor y Canto poets and writers

At the 1973 Festival de Flor y Canto poets and writers used the forum to comment on the duality of Latino heritage and a sense of pride in the myths and traditions of the great indigenous civilizations of the past, especially in light of the marginalization and discrimination they suffered chasing the elusive "American Dream."  They were in the vanguard of constructing a new Chicano and Latino literary tradition, defining and preserving their experiences within the dominant Anglo-American culture.  The event spawned numerous Flor y Canto festivals in other southwestern states and an abundance of new publications over the following years, as more and more writers pushed deeper into explorations of Chicano identity.

Below is a selection of anthologies held by the USC Libraries which include authors who participated in the 1973 and 2010 Festivales de Flor y Canto at USC.

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Barbara Robinson, Librarian, Chicano and Latino Studies

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