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Festival de Flor y Canto at USC: A Guide to Resources: Introduction

A guide to USC's 1973 and 2010 Festivales de Flor y Canto, groundbreaking literary events featuring poets and writers from the past and performers from the new and future generation.

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"En el vacío está la luz del entendimiento ... la joyas más preciosas de la flor y el canto de sus antepasados ..." Laura Esquivel, La Malinche (2005)

In 1973, USC hosted the first Festival de Flor y Canto (Festival of flower and song).  Tíhis groundbreaking literary event, named after the Nahuatl compound word for poetry, featured dozens of emerging Mexican American writers addressing a broad range of themes from personal stories to larger issues prominent in the Chicano Movement. 

This year, with support from USC's Visions and Voices initiative, the USC Libraries is the principal host for a new Festival de Flor y Canto with writers and performance artists coming from California and many other states in the U.S.  The three-day event begins on Wednesday, September 15th, 2010, at 1pm, at the Doheny Memorial Library, with a lineup featuring readings by many of the artists from the original festival, and follows on Thursday September 16th, at 1pm, and Friday September 17th at 10am, with representatives of a new generation of voices. The illustration above is by artist  Magu (Gilbert Lujan).

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Check these databases for books and articles by and about Chicano and Latino writers.

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Barbara Robinson, Librarian, Chicano and Latino Studies; Iberian and Latin American Studies, Special Collections

Iván E Calimano, Consultant, Spanish Cataloging and co-author

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