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Hollywood Movie Musicals in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles D-E

Titles D-E

"A musical comedy film about an eccentric multimillionaire who hates musicals, his granddaughter who stars in them, and their friends & family members caught in the middle. Includes dances choreographed by Busby Berkeley."

Damn Yankees
"Starring the original Broadway cast, this is the musical adaptation of the novel The Year The Yankees Won The Pennant. A Washington Senators fan sells his soul to the devil to become a great baseball player and to help his favorite team win the pennant."

Darling Lili
"Two strangers find love amidst the chaos of World War I in this musical extravaganza set in the harrowing world of international espionage."

"Deena Jones, Effie White, and Lorrell Robinson, three young African-American women in 1960s Detroit, dream of becoming pop stars. They get their wish after a local talent show when they are picked to be backup singers for the legendary James 'Thunder' Early. As they become more successful Curtis Taylor, Jr., a car salesman who's become their manager, and Effie's brother C.C., their songwriter, decide that the more traditionally beautiful Deena should be the lead singer instead of Effie, who had been the lead singer and who has a more powerful voice. Over time, each of the girls discovers the costs and compromises exacted by their desire to be in the music business."

Dr. Dolittle
"Step into the English country home of the good doctor as he performs remarkable treatments on a variety of four-legged and fine-feathered patients. See his secret cures and watch as ordinary and exotic animals talk, dance, and sing."

Down Argentine Way
"Musical romance about Glenda, a rich New Yorker who collects fine horses and Ricardo, an Argentine rancher renowned for his prize jumpers. Their families have been feuding for years so they have to conduct a Romeo and Juliet romance."

Easter Parade
"Don Hewes and Nadine Hale are a dancing team, but she decides to start a career on her own. So he takes the next dancer he meets, Hannah Brown, as a new partner. After a while this new team is so successful, that Florence Ziegfeld is interested in them, but due to the fact, that Nadine Hale dances also in the Ziegfeld Follies Don says no. Inspite of the fact, that he is in love with Hannah, he keeps the relation to her strictly business. So Hannah is of the opinion, that he is still in love with Nadine, and her suspicion grows, when he dances with Nadine in a Night ClubFloor Show."

Everyone Says I Love You
"It's the fun-filled story of one wealthy, eccentric and romantically challenged extended family from New York's Upper West Side."

Everything I Have Is Yours
"A young and talented dance couple finds out the wife half of the team is pregnant just as they appear in their first Broadway hit. The husband gets a new partner and experiences great stage success. However, after a number of years raising the baby, the wife wants to return to the stage, causing sparks to fly everywhere."