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German and Dutch Language Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): German Titles G-H

German Titles G-H

"The past catches up on two men, a Jewish emigrant composer Hermann Gëburtig and the German journalist Konrad Sachs. Gëburtig testifies against a former concentration camp supervisor, and Sachs faces the reality that his father was an SS-Doctor."

Gegen die Wand = Head-on
"Cahit Tomruk is in his forties, a rock 'n' rolling boozer with a purposeless, dead-end job. Sibel Güner desperately wants to escape her conservative Turkish family. Both are German-born Turks equally ill at ease in either culture; seeking a new life, and a morality that will withstand the constant shuttling between codes. They marry--a marriage of convenience, natürlich. Eventually his nihilism and her promiscuity lead to violence and jail for him, and scandal and possible death for her. She goes into hiding in Istanbul and after he gets out, he goes to Turkey to find her. This dark and vibrant story reflects the unstable moods of Turks in Germany, a half assimilated, half-alien population whose future is a quest and whose passion is ongoing."

Die Geträumten
"The tormented romance between celebrated poets Paul Celan and Ingeborg Bachmann – a Holocaust survivor whose parents were killed in the concentration camps and a daughter of a Nazi party member – is the subject of this innovative [film] in which two actors read from their nearly two decades worth of correspondence."

Gloomy Sunday = Ein Lied von Liebe und Tod
"Set in Budapest in the 1930s. Restaurant owner Laszlo hires the pianist András to play in his restaurant. Both men fall in love with the beautiful waitress Ilona, who inspires András to write his only composition. The song becomes a hit but its fame comes with consequences, as a Nazi officer who is stationed in the city also becomes captivated by Ilona."

Gods of the Plague
"A man is released from prison and finds the society on the outside less than appealing. With several women as well as the police on his tail, he sets out to find an old friend."

"Professor Holk builds a machine which changes lead to gold. When the operation is sabotaged, resulting in the death of his mentor, Holk must accept the backing of John Wills, a ruthless and greedy English Businessman. Holk recognizes it as an opportunity for revenge and plots to destroy Wills' machinery, capturing the interest of the millionaire's rebellious daughter who is enthralled by the scientist's vision and integrity."

Good Bye Lenin!
"Alex's proud, socialist mother falls into a coma for eight months. When she wakes, her heart is weak, so Alex has to keep the secret that the Berlin Wall has fallen and capitalism has triumphed. What begins as a little white lie turns into a major scam."

Götter der Pest
"Fassbinder's third feature about the alienated, aimless post war generation in Munich. A flashy nightclub singer, whose petty criminal boyfriend has left her for another woman, betrays him to a police detective."

La Habanera
"Working at Germany's famed UFA Studios under the very noses of the Nazi authorities that would later force him into Hollywood exile and eminence, Sirk transformed a glossy musical vehicle for UFA's 'new Garbo' into a dark and intimate anti-colonial melodrama. Desperate to escape the 'cold Swedish minds' of her homeland, beautiful Astree falls under the enchanting spell of the Caribbean love serenade La habanera and into the arms of Puerto Rican land baron Don Pedro de Avila. But ten years later, when Astree's old flame arrives in Puerto Rico, all is far from heavenly."

Händler der vier Jahreszeiten = The Merchant of Four Seasons
"A man is driven to self-destruction as a result of his environment and those closest to him."

Happy End
"An aspiring law student Lucca, and her new friend Valerie have chemistry that blossoms between them as the two women embark on a wild adventure to deliver the ashes of a recently deceased friend Herma to her final resting place; against the wishes of Herma's family."

The Harmonists
"Based on a true story, The Harmonists portrays the rise and fall of a successful vocal group in Germany that was disbanded in 1934 as part of the mounting persecution of Jews. The Comedian Harmonists did comic and romantic songs in intricate harmony, and were extremely popular, but as the Nazis became more powerful, the group were forbidden to sing songs by Jewish composers--and finally, because three of their members were Jewish, they were banned from performing in public."

Haunted Hospital: Heilstatten
"In the film, a remote and gloomy sanctuary near Berlin a group of YouTubers illegally access the ominous surgery block for a 24-hour challenge they hope will go viral. They learn too soon that they are not alone and not welcome."

Heart of Glass
"Set in the pre-industrial past, the story tells of a German village that looses the secret of making its unique Ruby glass. The townspeople turn to madness, murder, and magic in a desperate effort to recover the pure ingredient they have lost. During the filming, [director] Herzog hypnotized his actors in order to help convey the atmosphere of hallucination, prophecy and the visionary."

Heimat: A Chronicle of Germany
"A fictional chronicle of life in Germany, from 1919 to 1982, as reflected in the fluctuating fortunes of the members of one family, initially peasant-farmers, in the fictitious village of Schachbach in the Rhineland. An extraordinary succession of mostly ordinary events and characters--history seen from ground level--vividly acted by a huge cast of both professional and nonprofessional actors."

Hitler, ein Film aus Deutschland  = Our Hitler, a Film from Germany
"In a series of 22 tableaux set on a soundstage, Syberberg makes use of puppets, props, a Wagnerian soundtrack, and rear-screen projection to evoke Nazi Germany, the origins of the Third Reich, and the aftermath that followed."

"A young fifteenth-century goatherd slowly begins to discover an ancient presence deep in the dark woods years after her mother's horrifying demise. In a time when pagan beliefs or witches spread fear into the minds of rural folk, the film aims to explore the thin line between ancient beliefs, magic, and delusional psychosis."