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Spanish and Portuguese Language Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Books About Iberian and Latin American Cinema

Books About Iberian and Latin American Cinema (Selected Titles)

Cinema on the Periphery: Contemporary Irish and Spanish Film
"This book takes a comparative approach to contemporary Irish and Spanish cinema in order to examine the ways in which the films produced have been marked by Ireland and Spain's distinctive encounters with modernity. In successive chapters, the book explores the representation of gender, sexuality, space, and history within contemporary Irish and Spanish film, arguing that these representations should be read in relation to the particular process of modernisation which occurred within Ireland and Spain, whereby an insular, conservative national culture was supplanted within a short period of time by an urbanised, European secularism. Within these representations, it argues, can be uncovered attempts to reconstruct a national narrative within this new cultural context. It traces these cultural shifts through a detailed analysis of the aesthetic strategies and thematic concerns of the films which have emerged from Ireland and Spain over the last fifteen years. By establishing specific idiosyncratic features shared by Irish and Spanish films, this book places Ireland's cultural and cinematic development firmly within a European context. By concentrating on genre films, it illustrates how films which are not specifically concerned with issues of nation are nevertheless marked by their national context. Furthermore, it argues for the importance of reinstating the nation as an interpretative category, one which allows the assertion of a politicised national identity within an increasingly globalised entertainment cinema."

Contemporary Spanish Cinema and Genre
"This volume is the first English-language collection exclusively dedicated to the study of genre in relation to Spanish cinema. Providing a variety of critical perspectives, the collection gives the reader a thorough account of the relationship between Spanish cinema and genre, drawing on case studies of several of the most remarkable Spanish films in recent years.The book analyzes the significant changes in the aesthetics, production and reception of Spanish film from 1990 onwards. It brings together European and North American scholars to establish a critical dialogue on the topics under discussion, while providing multiple perspectives on the concepts of national cinemas and genre theory.."

Latin American Cinema: Essays on Modernity, Gender and National Identity
"Partly a result of demand for a film component for Latin American studies programs, this collection of nine papers strives to provide diverse coverage in terms of period, geography, and types of cinema. The papers explore the nature of screen productions and the evolution of the film industry itself. The editors (lecturers in Portuguese and Brazilian studies at the U. of Leeds, UK) have organized the contributions into themed sections dealing with modernity and globalization, gender and sexuality, and nation and identity."

Mexico on Film: National Identity & International Relations
"This work looks at representations of 'Mexicanity' in Mexican cinema and also in Hollywood throughout the 20th century and beyond, arguing that the international context plays at least as important a role as ethnicity, religion, and language in the construction of images of the national self."

Visual Synergies in Fiction and Documentary Film from Latin America
"This book brings together new essays by scholars and filmmakers on the forays across genre boundaries which have revitalized both fiction and documentary film in Latin America. There has been considerable recent interest in theorizing the differences between fiction and non-fiction film, and Visual Synergies highlights the importance of Latin America's contribution to the praxis of cross-genre experimentation as well as to theories of the cinematic image and its relationship with the real. Essays cover early cinema, the radical projects of the 1960s and contemporary film, with analyses of productions from the continent's leading film industries: Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, and Chile."