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William Shakespeare: Reference Works - Print

Reference Works - Print (Selected Titles)

A Dictionary of Quotations from Shakespeare: A Topical Guide to Over 3,000 Great Passages from the Plays, Sonnets, and Narrative Poems
"A comprehensive, easy-to-use, and thoroughly enjoyable collection of timeless poetry, proverbs, and sayings from the most quotable author in literary history. Over 3,000 quotations are arranged into over 400 topics, and many entries include information on context, Elizabethan language, Shakespeare's sources, and historical illusions. Extensive cross-referencing; key-word index. "

A Dictionary of Shakespeare
"This concise, illustrated dictionary of Shakespeariana, compiled by one of the best-known authorities on his works, contains alphabetically arranged entries guiding the reader to a wealth of information on all aspects of Shakespeare in his own time and on his impact and influence on later ages. Stanley Wells provides clear entries on: Shakespeare's life and times, the sources and early publication of his works, their performance history on stage and screen, actors such as Edmund Kean and Kenneth Branagh, and writers especially associated with them, operas and other musical works deriving from them, theaters, editions, international Shakespeare organizations--in short, on all aspects of Shakespearean interest. The volume is complemented by a series of striking pronouncements about Shakespeare over the ages from Jane Austen to Bernard Levin, tables providing interesting facts about the plays, famous documents bearing Shakespeare's signature, and a useful guide to further reading."

All Things Shakespeare: An Encyclopedia of Shakespeare's World
"This two-volume set provides some 200 detailed entries describing the physical surroundings and objects of Shakespeare's world, illuminating such items as coins, clothing, food, drink, animals, occupations, architectural methods, symbolism, agriculture, and rites of passage of the Renaissance. B&w line drawings and etchings, as well as some charts and tables, illustrate the text, and the volume is extensively cross-referenced. The first volume covers A to I. The second covers J to Z, as well as including a chronology of historical events referred to in Shakespeare's plays; a bibliography and topic guide; and an extensive index. Both volumes include an introduction, a complex alphabetical list of entries, and abbreviations for Shakespeare's works, which are referred to throughout the encyclopedia so that the key words may be seen in context." - Choice

The Eloquent Shakespeare: A Pronouncing Dictionary for the Complete Dramatic Works with Notes to Untie the Modern Tongue
"Logan has given us a pronouncing dictionary for Shakespeare which surpasses anything previously available in both scope and depth. Thoroughly researched and carefully documented, it clearly indicates pronunciations which are conjectural or matters of debate, as well as laying out in detail the standard of pronunciation adopted for the dictionary. This is an invaluable resource for actors, voice coaches, and directors."- Ellen O'Brien, head of voice and text, Shakespeare Theatre Company

The Penguin Shakespeare Dictionary
is the ideal one-stop reference for students, scholars, play and movie-goers, and general readers who want to know more about Shakespeare's life and works. Organized in an easily-accessible A-to-Z form and making full use of the latest findings of scholars, it covers all the plays, sonnets, and narrative poems, including detailed plot summaries and accompanying critical discussion, information on relevant literary and historical figures, and the staging of Shakespeare's plays from Elizabethan times to the present. With an annotated bibliography and introductory essays on Shakespeare and on theater and play production in his time, The Penguin Shakespeare Dictionary is an indispensable reference to the most celebrated figure in world literature--a man whose words and phrases have become a part of our vocabulary."

Reader's Encyclopedia of Shakespeare
"Designed for scholars, students, and avid readers, this definitive reference places all this information and more between the covers of a single volume. From synopses of plays to discussions about the authorship controversy, from facts about Elizabethan theater to data on the world of publishing, from sources and stage histories and to character studies and biographical profiles, this guidebook synthesizes the scholarship of dozens of acknowledged experts, presenting information in a clear, readable style. Includes a chronology of events, transcripts of documents, and a 30-page selected bibliography, as well as dozens of black-and-white photos and illustrations."

Shakespeare in Print: A History and Chronology of Shakespeare Publishing
"Every once in a while, a new study is published whose usefulness is so obvious and its interest such that one can only wonder why no one else has attempted to fill the gap before. Andrew Murphy's Shakespeare in Print is a case in point. It offers no less than the first-ever history of Shakespeare publishing and editing from the late sixteenth to the early twenty-first century. [...] Not content to produce an indispensable reference work, he has simultaneously written an immensely entertaining narrative that makes for compulsive reading. [This book is] not only the authoritative scholarly history of Shakespeare publishing and editing but also a page-turner which many readers will find difficult to put down." - Around the Globe (UK)