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Korean American Digital Archive: Oral Histories

The Korean-American Digital Archive documents the Korean-American community during the period of resistance to Japanese rule in Korea, and reveals the organizational and private experience of Koreans in America between 1903 and 1965.

Korean American Oral Histories

KADA's oral history collections include interviews from several sources. The sound recordings of these interviews are included in this section of the database and can be listen to and there are, as well, transcriptions available for some.

Korean American Museum oral history series

KOREAN AMERICAN MUSEUM ORAL HISTORY SERIES. The Korean American Museum, in Los Angeles, conducted a series of oral history interviews with long-time members of the Korean community.

 Audrey Bhang Lee / Daniel Bhang

Tae Eung Choi

Mr. Choi [1]...[2]

Marie Park Fujii [1]... [2]

Lloyd Hahn

Richard O. Hahn / Julia Kim Hahn

In Hwan Han [1]...[2]...[3]...[4]...[5]...[6]

John Kyudong Han

Helen Lee Hong

Julia Kim Ide / Frank Kim / Betty Chung Kim

Young Bok Joo [1]...[2]...[3]...[4]...[5]...[6]

Rev. Kyong-t’ae Kang [1]...[2]...[3]...[4]...[5]

Anne Kim Kido

Dora Soon Yun Kim [1]...[2]...[3]...[4]...[5]...[6]...[7]...[8]...[9]

Lester Edward Kim / Pearl Lim Kim

Soon Sil Kim [1]...[2]...[3]...[4]...[5]...[6]...[7]...[8]

Young Oak Kim

Yin Kim

Carrie Yoon Kwon

Stewart P. Lim

Joe Lyou

Helen Cho Paik

Arthur W. Park / Marie Park Fujii / Gilbert W. Park / Harry W. Park

Daniel Park

Harry Park / Rak Soon Lee Park

Cecilia Lim Woo

Hahn Family series

Gloria (Kim) Hahn [1]...[2]...[3]...[4]...[5]...[6]...[7]...[8]...[9]

Hahn Jang Ho

Soon Bohk (Hur) Hahn

Hyun Family series

David Hyun

Mary Hyun

Paul Hyun

Peter Hyun

David & Peter Hyun

Irvin Paik (non-KAPC) series

Philip Ahn

Pat Morita

Mary Paik

Meung Sun Paik

Rose (Park) Paik

George Takei

Sonia Shinn Sunoo series

Joan Ahn

Emsen Charr

Evelyn Charr

Hotaik Chun

He Kyung Chung

Ho Kyung Choy

Henry Chung DeYoung

Zona (Church) DeYoung

Sung Sil Hahn

Sang Ok Har

Heiwon Kang

Sung Har Kang

Young Soon Kang

Choon Ha Kim

Mrs. Choon Ha Kim

Hyung Soon Kim

Jin Song Kim

Myong Sook Kim

Pil Kwon Kim

Sara Kim

Soon Sil Kim

Sung Jin Kim

Warren Kim

Keman Lee

Mary Lee

Mary (Paik) Lee

Blanche Lim

Mabel Lim

Cora Oh

Myong Soon Paik

Julian Park

Kee Yul Park

Kyong Sin Park

Rose Park

Byoung Uk Rhee

Sin Tai Roh

Kangaie Shinn

Sunhi Shinn

Kim Shin Sook

Rosa Sunoo

Gail Whang

Choo Eun Yang

Soon Gi Yoon