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Korean American Digital Archive: Private Records

The Korean-American Digital Archive documents the Korean-American community during the period of resistance to Japanese rule in Korea, and reveals the organizational and private experience of Koreans in America between 1903 and 1965.


KOREAN AMERICAN PRIVATE RECORDS. Many historically important records remain in private hands. This section of the database contains a variety of small but significant sets of documents.

Finding aid

Korean American Private Records

Box 2: Eugene Park Hwangbo Papers

Box 3: Evelyn Kim Charr Papers

Box 4: An Chang Ho Papers

Box 5: Florence Ahn Papers

Box 6: Irvin Paik Papers

Box 7: Sumi Haru Papers


Box 8: Henry DeYoung Papers

Box 9: David Hyun Papers

Box 1: Helen Paik Chen Papers

Meung Sun and Rose Paik. Personal data

Meung Sun Paik's ledger

Meung Sun Paik. 1940 datebook

Meung Sun and Rose Paik. Correspondence

Brian E. Whang acquitted of murdering his mother

Box 2: Eugene Park Hwangbo Papers

Eugene Hwangbo. USC transcript. 1928/9/19

Edward K. Lim to Eugene P. Hwangbo. 1952/4/10

Eugene Hwangbo. US Certificate of Naturalization. 1954/11/11

Eugene Hwangbo. Business card.

Jason ___ to Eugene Hwangbo. ___/1/18

Eugene Hwangbo. Death certificate. 1961/7/11

Box 3: Evelyn Kim Charr Papers

Evelyn Kim. Education

Evelyn Kim. Medical examination

Evelyn Kim and Emsen Charr. Wedding records

Evelyn Kim. Deportation correspondence

Koreans in Mexico

We Are 5th Generation Immigrants: interview with Sylvia and David Park

Interview with Sonia Sunoo

Box 4: An Chang Ho Papers

An Chang Ho. Payments to, 1902

An Chang Ho. Immigration papers

An Chang Ho. Receipts, San Francisco

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1903-1908

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1909-1911

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1912-1915

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1916-1918

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1919-1920

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1921-1925

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1926-1931

An Chang Ho. Arrest, 1932

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1932-1933

An Chang Ho. Letters, 1934-1937

An Chang Ho. Death, 1938-1939

Box 5: Florence Ahn Papers

Florence Ahn at McKinley High School

Florence Ahn at Los Angeles Junior College

Florence Ahn in "Marriage of Figaro" - Los Angeles Junior College

Florence Ahn returns to Hawaii

Florence Ahn at Juilliard

Florence Ahn in Postwar Hawaii

Florence Ahn in Postwar New York City

Florence Ahn in Cuba

Florence Ahn on Westcoast Tour