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Theatrical Plays on DVD at the Leavey Library: Titles K-L

Titles K-L

King Lear
"A New York Shakespeare Festival production of William Shakespeare's play in which tragedy occurs when an old king divides his kingdom between his daughters."

The Lady from the Sea
"Ibsen wrote The Lady from the Sea during a period when he was fusing his powerful psychological insights with his commitment to female equality. It's the story of Ellida, who must chose between a marriage to a dull but decent doctor and an uncharted life at sea with a charismatic sailor she loved many years ago and who suddenly re-appears in her life. With Ellida's struggle the theme becomes apparent: you must be free to make your own choices, even if these choices might result in catastrophe.

Little Eyolf
"Written between The Master Builder and John Gabriel Borkman,  [Ibsen's] Little Eyolf shares with both those works a reaching for unattainable ideals. In this case, the life of Allmers and his wife is irrevocably damaged by the drowning of their only child, Eyolf. In the aftermath, the parents sink into recrimination and guilt, and then attempt to rise in a spiritual rebirth." - Mel Gussow, New York Times

The Little Minister
"A gypsy girl and the new 'little minister' fall in love, but must overcome her secret, his religion, and his mother"