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GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender People) Documentary Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): AIDS


The Battle of AmFar
"When AIDS strikes, two very different women - Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor and research scientist Dr. Mathilde Krim - join forces to create America's first AIDS research foundation. The fight against HIV/AIDS has never been the same."

Grove, The: AIDS & the Politics of Remberance
"More Americans have been lost to AIDS than in all the U.S. wars since 1900. Yet few know about the National AIDS Memorial Grove, a seven-acre sanctuary hidden in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park and a testament to lives lost at a time when the stigma of AIDS forced many to grieve in silence. The Grove shows how a community in crisis found healing and remembrance, and how the seeds of a few visionary environmentalists blossomed into something larger than they could have imagined."

Memories of a Penitent Heart = Memorias de un corazón penitente
"Twenty five years after Miguel died from AIDS, his niece, filmmaker Cecilia Aldarondo, embarks on an excavation into a quagmire of unresolved family drama. Like many gay men in the 1980s, Miguel moved from Puerto Rico to New York City; he found a career in theater and a rewarding relationship. Yet, on his deathbed he grappled to reconcile his homosexuality with his Catholic upbringing. Now, decades after his death, Cecilia locates Miguel's lover Robert, who has been shunned and demonized by the family, in order to understand the whole story."

One + One
"This film takes a look at the lives of two couples where one of the members is HIV-positive."

Reporter Zero
"A look at the life and career of journalist Randy Shilts, who is best known for his reporting on the AIDS crisis and for being the first openly gay reporter at a major media outlet (The San Francisco Chronicle)."

Sex Positive
"Looks at the life of Richard Berkowitz, an AIDS activist who was at the forefront of the safe sex movement. With Dr. Joseph Sonnabend, a virologist and AIDS doctor, and Michael Callen, a musician and activist, Berkowitz helped the gay community recognize the impportance of safe sex practices."

Shooting Stars: To Dare, To Grow, To Love - An Intimate Portrait of Eight Men in Group Therapy
"With candidness and courage, humor and love for each other, the men in this group show us all the dimensions of AIDS at its deepest emotional/spiritual levels as well as its effects on basic day-to-day living."

Silverlake Life: The View from Here 
"An extraordinary video diary of living with AIDS. Told with guts and humor by longtime companions Tom Joslin and Mark Massi, this powerful documentary celebrates the human spirit while capturing the emotional challenges of living with a fatal illness."

The Smith Family
"In this poignant and intimate documentary of the Smiths, a Mormon family living in Salt Lake City, the family is initially shattered, then ultimately strengthened by their love for each other following Steve's admission of multiple sexual encounters with other men, and his subsequent death from AIDS. "

Voices from the Front: America, 1988-1991
"Documentary about AIDS activism in the United States from 1988-1991. Includes coverage of demonstrations and interviews with AIDS activts seeking to change public consciousness, expose the failure of the health care system, and challenge government inaction and neglect concerning AIDS."

We Were Here: The AIDS Years in San San Francisco
"....revisits the San Francisco of the 80s and 90s, using the city's experience with AIDS to open up a conversation about both the history of the epidemic and the lessons to be learned from it. Yet the film reaches far beyond San Francisco and beyond AIDS itself as it illuminates the power of a community that comes together with love, compassion, and determination."