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GLBT (Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender People) Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Titles Q-R

Titles Q-R

Queer Duck: The Movie
"Queer Duck confronts the challenges of being gay with the help of his fabulous friends Openly Gator, Bi-Polar Bear, and Oscar Wild Cat, who remind him that he's happiest when he's just being himself."

"The story of a proud and tough sailor named Querelle involved in drug-smuggling and homosexual adventures."

"On the evening before Magdalena's 15th birthday, her simple, blissful life is complicated by the discovery that she's pregnant. Forced to leave her house, she finds a new family with her uncle and gay cousin."

Reaching for the Moon
"Based on the true love story of Elizabeth Bishop and Lota de Macedo Soares.This English-language 1950s period piece recounts the years of Pulitzer Prize-winning poet Elizabeth Bishop when she left America to live and write in Rio de Janiero, where she would fall in love with well-off architect Lota de Macedo Soares."

Le refuge
"Mousse and Louis are young, beautiful, rich, and in love, but drugs have invaded their lives. After Louis' fatal overdose, Mousse soon learns she is pregnant. Feeling lost, Mousse escapes to a beautiful beach house far from Paris and is soon joined in her refuge by Louis' gay brother, Paul. The two strangers gradually develop an unusual and deeply moving relationship as Ozon continues his unique exploration of the nature of family and blood ties."

"Jonathan hires a young hustler to accompany him on a road trip, but he must play a role in the recreation of Jonathan's lovelorn past."

"When Gunnar receives a distraught phone call from his ex-boyfriend, Einar, he drives to the secluded cabin where Einar is and discovers a menacing presence lurking."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show
"A mixture of fantastical rock opera and horror movie spoof. A couple of ordinary kids have car trouble one dark and rainy night and knock on the door of a looming gothic mansion. They are stunned to learn that they have stumbled into an ongoing convention of kinky characters, hosted by Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist from the planet Transsexual."

"Lukas, 20, is a prisoner in his own body. As a pre-op transgendered person, he is constantly finding himself trapped in uncomfortable, compromising positions. His best friend Ine introduces him to the gay scene in Cologne, where he meets the confident and gorgeous Fabio. The two develop a romantic relationship that tests the boundaries of friendship, sex and love."

"Two friends strangle a college classmate and then proceed to invite his family and friends to dinner after they stuff the body inside a trunk to be used for the dining table. One of the guests, their teacher, suspects foul play and returns later to discover not only the body, but also how his own academic theories had been twisted to provide the motivation for the grotesque murder. Based on the real-life Leopold-Loeb murder, Hitchcock's study of total mise-en-scene construction was shot entirely on a single sound stage."