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French Language Feature Films in Leavey Library (DVDs): Books About French Cinema

Books About French Cinema (Selected Titles)

Contemporary French Cinema: An Introduction
"This clearly-written and lively introduction analyses 25 years of popular French film including recent developments in all genres. Reflecting French cinema’s diversity since the New Wave, chapters include the Heritage Film; Thrillers; War Movies; Cinema-du-Look; representations of sexuality; women film-makers; and much more. Each chapter introduces the public reception and critical debates surrounding a given genre, interwoven with detailed accounts of individual films from Les Valseuses to Les Visiteurs and Delicatessen. Those looking at French film for the first time will have the opportunity to read at length about the internationally renowned work of Cinema-du-Look directors Luc Besson, Jean-Jacques Beineix and Leos Carax, as well as the recent blockbusters of the Heritage genre from Cyrano de Bergerac and Jean de Florette to Germinal and La Reine Margot. There is also a useful glossary and detailed filmography."

France at the Flicks: Trends in Contemporary French Popular Cinema
"This book focuses on the evolutions that have occurred in French popular cinema in recent years. It provides an extensive overview of some of the significant changes affecting a film market which is showing strong signs of revitalisation after years of Hollywood dominance. A number of domestic productions released since the late 1990s have rivalled American blockbusters in terms of audience figures and many of these big commercial successes are discussed in detail in this volume. The strength of this book lies not only in its timeliness in terms of its publication, but also in the fact that it combines case studies of films which enjoyed international appreciation as well as productions which were not distributed abroad. Consequently, the volume affords a unique insight into French films which resonate with audiences outside of France as well as those which are purely available to and enjoyed by local, domestic viewing groups. Moreover, many of the contributors to this volume extend beyond film analysis and explore the production, distribution and exhibition contexts as well as critical and audience reception. As a result, the book as a whole makes an original contribution to the growing area of French Film Studies and is intended to be enjoyed by students and scholars as well as keen followers of cinema in France."

French Cinema: A Student's Guide
"The study of French cinema has expanded dramatically in recent years, as it is increasingly taught alongside literature in modern language departments. Many entrants to courses have no previous experience of film study. This book, written by two leading scholars of French film, offers students an introduction to the history and theory of French cinema, while giving them an understanding of the concepts and techniques involved in the study of film. It also contains a model essay, sample film analyses, and an appendix of statistics, filmography, bibliography and glossary, making this book an indispensable and comprehensive resource."

The French Cinema Book
is an accessible and innovative survey of key topics in French cinema from the 1890s to the twenty-first century. It proposes new insights into familiar areas and sets out a fresh agenda for the study and appreciation of French cinema. The book combines historical context and background information with detailed discussion of casestudies and analysis of films. It also provides guidance for further reading, and additional resources for readers to consider. The French Cinema Book is addressed to all lovers of French cinema, students and teachers, specialists and fans."

French Cinema: From Its Beginnings to the Present
"Lanzoni offers an academic and chronological survey of French filmmaking from 1895 to 2002. He is particularly interested in how 20th-century events have affected French cinema, notably the German occupation during World War II, which paradoxically represented a creative high point; the Algerian War; the "New Wave'e xplosion of the early 1960s; the student uprisings of May 1968; and recent tariff movements to reduce American domination of European film markets. Readers hoping for an in-depth portrait of the many distinctive French actors and directors will be disappointed. In his eagerness to explore the length and breadth of French film history, Lanzoni relegates even the most colorful and prominent personalities to mere mentions. The author fares better in his discussion of how the film criticism journal Cahiers du Cinema served as a sounding board for the theories of New Wave directors like Francois Truffaut and Jean-Luc Godard, manifestos that ultimately energized the world cinema scene. Unfortunately, Lanzoni fails to stir any similar excitement; this rather dry study won't lead many readers to check out France's rich and varied film heritage. The book does include valuable lists of Cannes Film Festival winners, recipients of the Cesar Awards, and France's biggest box office hits..." - Library Journal

Historical Dictionary of French Cinema
"Covers the history of French film from the silent era to the present in a concise and up-to-date details of the development of French cinema and related theoretical and cultural issues. This book includes a chronology, an introduction, photographs, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on many of the major actors, directors, films, movements, producers, and studios associated with French cinema. Going beyond mere biographical information, entries also discuss the impact and significance of each individual, film, movement, or studio."