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Chicano and Latino Newspapers in the United States: Survey Data

A guide to Spanish language newspapers published in the United States and books, articles and Web resources about Chicano and Latino journalism.

Data from Somos Primos




7 things to remember about the POWER of Hispanic Print:

94% of the readers of Hispanic Print say their newspaper is the BEST or a GOOD source of local news.

The average age for the readers of Hispanic newspapers is 33.5 - identical to Univision!
Hispanic Print generated $1.57 BILLION in ad revenue in 2007 o up from $151 MILLION in 1990!

In the USA today only 24% of the households are a married couple with kids; it's 36% for Hispanics overall; Hispanic Print delivers 63%.

Hispanic newspapers employed 10,735 people and Hispanic magazines another 5,010
Foreign born readers of Hispanic newspapers are the most likely to become citizens.
94% of the readers of Hispanic Print say their newspaper is the BEST or a GOOD source for shopping information

3 things to remember about the FREQUENCY of Hispanic Print:

There's 30 daily Hispanic newspapers - up from 14 in 1990 There's 378 weekly Hispanic newspapers - up from 152 in 1990 There's 521 Hispanic magazines - up from 177 in 1990.

7 things to remember about the REACH of Hispanic Print:

54% of the USA's Hispanic households use one or more Hispanic newspaper weekly
The combined circulation of local Hispanic newspapers and magazines is 17 million
This is reflective for over 600 Hispanic newspapers and local magazines
146 of these publications, with a combined circulation of 4.4 million, are bilingual - evolving as their audience evolves
Hispanic publications are widely used in 44 states; 108 DMAs; 163 MSAs
In Southern California alone there's 128 Hispanic newspapers and 88 local magazines
The 172 Hispanic newspapers and local magazines have a combined circulation of 9.8 million

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2 things to remember about Zip Codes:
There's over 43,000 zip codes in the USA
59% of all Hispanics live in only 1,147 of these zip
codes with over 2,500 Hispanic households

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1 Finally Thing To Remember: 
Call up your local Hispanic newspaper or call Latino Print Network

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