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Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence: Think Tanks and Research Centers

This guide to research resources that support the study of intelligence and counter-intelligence in international affairs.

Think Tanks and Research Centers

Listed below is a list of selected think tanks and centers that focus on intelligence research and analysis. Some centers provide open access to their research reports and data while others restrict access. In either case, these centers can be a good source for contacting experts in the field. Descriptions of resources are adapted or quoted from vendor websites.

  • Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis (CIRA) -- provides open source and cultural intelligence services to clients throughout the U.S. government and business community. CIRA’s mission is to provide cutting-edge open source and cultural intelligence support to its clients through the conduct of objective, independent, and relevant research and analysis, under strict quality guidelines.
  • Cuban Intelligence Research Center -- a private company that provides state-of-the-art intelligence for those in need of an increased understanding of the Cuban government.
  • The Jamestown Foundation -- utilizing indigenous and primary sources, the Foundation publishes material delivered without political bias, filter or agenda in order to inform and educate policy makers and the broader policy community about events and trends in those societies which are strategically or tactically important to the United States and which frequently restrict access to such information.
  • Intelligence Forum -- an organization dedicated to the scholarly study of intelligence history, theory, and practice.