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Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence: Other Web Sites

This guide to research resources that support the study of intelligence and counter-intelligence in international affairs.

Other Web Sites

  • Centre for Counterintelligence and Security Studies (CI Centre) -- this site has several excellent resources, including their comprehensive bibliography, book reviews, and a news archive.  Their primary focus is counterintelligence and counterterrorism, but within their bibliography, they have many categories, including several country sections.  If you are interested in economic espionage and how this can help or hinder managing development worldwide (this is a topic we will NOT cover in this class, since this topic is covered in the IR344 class), this is an excellent resource. Their news archive particularly on economic espionage is unique as far as I know.  They consider countering proliferation under counterintelligence, so there bibliography is also helpful in this area.
  • Federation of American Scientists Intelligence Resource Program -- This site provides a selection of official and unofficial resources on intelligence policy, structure, function, organization and operations. Includes documents, a list of intelligence agencies by country, and news links.
  • Intelligence Homepage -- Indispensable.  Don’t waste your time searching the internet generically for information about intelligence; this website lists websites of interest by category and is regularly updated. There is an international link section which is regularly updated.  It does not cover all countries, but if your country of interest is here, it will be so much easier.  There is also a section on organizational sites related to strategic intelligence which can open some doors for you. Produced by the Loyola College of Maryland.
  • The Literature of Intelligence -- As you consider countries which might interest you, this is perhaps the single best source since the Ransom Clark,  the creator of this site, organizes intelligence not only by multiple topics, but also by country. Some coutries are populated with more data than others; it does not necessarily mean that material on those countries is lacking, however, you will need to look much harder to investigate those countries.

Descritions of resources are adapted or quoted from vendor websites.